10 Best Bike Blogs to Follow in 2016 – The Ultimate Resource

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of top bike blogs that would provide you with all the details you need as biking enthusiasts? With thousands of websites and blogs out there about cycling and biking, it’s a tough job to pick the best ones.

Our staff tried their best to compile a list of top biking blogs that would help you with all the information that you would want in regards to cycling in 2016.

We have formatted this post by the social presence, popularity and of course by looking at the value that it adds to its readers. It took us a considerable amount of time compiling this list (we totally enjoyed the process though). Presenting you the ultimate collection of top 10 bike blogs in 2016.

10 Best Bike Blogs in 2016

1. Red Kite Prayer

red kite prayer blog picture

Starting this list with Red Kite Prayer which is a great resource for biking-related information. Mention has to be made about the simplicity of its reporting style.

There are emotions attached whatsoever, and things are written in a professional tone that appeals to most of its readers. Their descriptions cater to reviews, training and essays on a positive note. There is plenty of content available on their website including podcasts, articles, event information and much more. Why don’t to check out their website quickly?

2. Bike Portland

bike portland image


Found in 2005, this blog has done an exceptional job by covering information about biking events with their journalistic approach. They have combined sports journalism with creativity that has produced this wonderful yet informative biking blog.

Jonathan Maus is the founder, publisher and editor of this blog; Lily Karabaic is their podcasting producer, and Michael Andersen is the news editor. This is the very team that has reached its pinnacle in providing readers with details that they look for, especially about live events and stories. As a result of all this, they have succeeded in creating a database of loyal subscribers for sure.

3. Bike Snob NYC

bike snob nyc website

A totally different saga of biking blog, one is that disdains to cycling critiques, news and culture. Found by Eben Weiss, who happens to be a former bike messenger and a racer, this blog casts its spotlight with going beyond the standard biking genre.

It shares stories with travesty and interior monologue style that makes them interesting to read and immerse. Without a second thought, this unique angle adds to its popularity, and the blog enjoys its reader’s appreciations.

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4. Fat Cyclist

fat cyclist

Fat Cyclist fabricates lively stories about weight loss, riding and boasts a collection soul-touching posts. Elden Nelson is the brain behind this publication, and you would surely enjoy and appreciate the stories that are published on this blog.

His wife, Susan’s battle with cancer has also been written in many of the articles, and most of the readers connected deeply with these private entries and his honesty appeal to everyone that surfaces as the base of his writings.

5. Bike Hacks

bike hacks picture

A biking blog that inspires people to dump their engines and enjoy riding manual two wheels. This not only saves them money but also seems to be a way out in the concrete jungle that makes webs of traffic around us.

This is a concept of three passionate cyclists (Bern, Matt and Andrew or the “Goose”) commuting on a daily basis in NYC. They help people to upgrade their bikes.They aim to make bikes that are no less than an automobile, minus the maintenance. A must-visit resource for sure.

6. Bike Rumor

bike rumour website picture

Established by a devoted cyclist Tyler Benedict in 2008, this blog has reached its zenith with 4.5 million page views per month in 2014. The popularity shows in counts and hands down this is one of those few blogs that cover almost everything about biking.

For example, it covers topics such as cross country, commuting, road, racing, technology, latest bikes, cyclocross to lifestyle. They know it all and make it evident that they are the best in this line of work. Being part of the BikeBoardMedia, Inc this one is a much-loved biking blog.


7. The Inner Ring

the inner ring website

The integrity of this blog lies in the well-balanced analysis that is liked the by most its readers. They are more into covering news about pro cyclists and lots of things about the bike industry.

This blog never misses out on expressing itself to its readers, and that is something that has kept the blog alive and kicking since such long time. Overall, it is a smart blog that holds valuable information about the latest biking stories.

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8. Bike Hugger

the bikehugger magazine

With the strong leadership and enthusiastic cyclists Bryon, Mark, Frank, Andrew, David, this blog takes a detailed look at the bike culture. They focus on long narratives, gazing deep into biking world. This is a magazine styled blog that features interesting episodes about biking.

What is more important here that the readers connect to the essence of the tales since most of the stories shared here are personal experiences of bloggers. Writers don’t hold themselves back while being quite expressive about their opinions.

9. London Cyclist

london cyclist website

Andreas founded London Cyclist, when his two prime passions, cycling and blogging submerged to create one of the most loved resources on cycling/biking. This website is your go-to resource for various topics such as learning London cycling routes, gear reviews and recommendations and general news about biking.

Andreas has also released few apps such as Bike Doctor iPhone App and London Cyclist app. You can also choose to get his popular eBook 35 London Cycling Routes.

10. Rapha Blog

rapha blog

This blog talks about people who ride bikes in style. This blog features cyclists from around the world and offers detailed opinions of what they think is the best about various biking related issues.

The blog also offers a great online shopping experience for men and women with the excellent range of collections of clothes, eyewear etc.