10 Bike Inventions to Make Your Life Easier

On the other day, we stumbled upon a video which was not only cool but informative as well. We liked it so much that we decided to summarise what we saw in that video as a blog post.

What was the video all about?

The video showcased 10 bike inventions that are poised to make our lives easier, interesting and comfortable. We are sure that as bike lovers, you would want to experiment with one of these inventions.

Below is the video we are talking about.

Video source : YouTube

Let’s look at each of the inventions that were discussed in above video.

The 10 Bike Inventions

The following are a few of the many inventions that can reduce some anxiety over travelling down to the nearest bus stop for work or just commuting a few blocks for groceries.

1. Plume Mudguard 

A cool discovery that can be used to save your bike from water and mud. It can easily fit into seat posts that have a size of 27.2mm to 31.8mm.

plume mudgaurdWhen the roads are wet, roll out the Plume mudguard hiding under the saddle and ride on. Easily fitting all standard seat post sizes, made of stainless steel, Plume is theft proof and will last a lifetime, you’ll never worry about a wet bum again and look forward to the rain!

Moreover, it is effortless to store it because you can keep it under the saddle as it can roll up easily. Yes, it is a big relief to most bikers as this can protect them all the dampness of the rain.

Learn More : Plume Mudguard’s Website | Store

2. Noke U-lock

This is a smart lock that bikers can use to protect their bikes all the time.noke u smart lock This has a strong body that makes it sturdy in spite of all the technology. It has an integrated alarm that keeps you aware of the bike and its position throughout.

It has smartphone compatibility and apps that get synced with your smartphone to provide you all the data. This is waterproof, and there is no need to worry about it as this lock will keep you updated about your bike and its whereabouts constantly.

Learn more : Noke’s Website

3. Lucid Brake 

This is an innovative product that has revolutionised the way people look at brakes. These brakes can sense motion and are press on that are flat back. Hands down these can make riding comfortable and safe because of great built.

They come with LED lights that are easy to mount anywhere and are vibrantly bright. These brake lights are visible clearly during the day as well as at night that makes them secured.

The brake system is weatherproof, versatile as they can fit any bike and come with warranty thus making the sweet. It is a wonderful product to invest in because of its multiple features.

Learn more : Lucid Brake’s Website | Buy a Lucid Brake from Amazon

4. FlyKly Smart Wheel 

Call it a smart ride or a joyride, the wheels are here to make cycling fun for you. These are lightweight and come with a pedal assist that can be operated with apps.

flykly smartwheelNo wonder, this is smart to travel and can fit into any bike. This makes it flexible, and it should be added that is available in 4 different sizes. One is the 20 inches foldable and BMX bikes, 26 inches for Mountain bike, 28 inches for City bike and HUB for limitless possibilities of adjustment.

The manufacturers of this wheel want to make urban commuting smooth and easy. This was the main motto behind inventing this wheel and a barrage of other products for urban mobility aficionados.

Learn more : Flykly’s Website

5. Add-E 

If all you need is an app, a motor and a battery to transform your bike into an electric bike, then this is it. It add-e bike conversion kitweighs around 4.5 pounds and is an electric motor that comes with a drive wheel. It can aid the wheels to move faster and can maximise the speed within 15 mph with one variation and 30mph with the other.

Its top speed reaches 30 miles at the maximum with of course varying weight and terrain. You can use your bike as a manual one for a weekend stroll and for commuting to work during work hours. The main aim of the company funded by crowdsourcing is to assist urban commuting, and they have succeeded in doing so.

Learn more : Add-E Website

6. Vanhawks Valour 

A connected bike that can protect you from any potential threat. It has security sensors with vanhawkstracking facility that helps you locate your bike in case of theft. It has LED indicators, blind spot sensors, vibrating grips in the handlebar and a helpful app to help you reach your goals as well as navigate you through. It is a street smart valor that encourages more and more people to take up cycling.

Learn more : Vanhawks Website

7. smrtGRiPS 

An “eyes-free navigation ” as they call it that stays at your fingertips. It uses haptic technology that smrtgripsis installed into the grips and moves your hands accordingly. It helps in navigation and also helps to find out what lies ahead. A combination of smart technology and intelligent thinking has produced something like a smart, gripping gear.

Learn more : smrtGRiPS Website

8. Rubbee 

This is another e-bike transform system that can be mounted at the back of the bike and used as a rubbeepedal assist. Pedal sensor is easy to install but is limited to a range of 15 mph only. On the other hand, this could be regarded as a safe attribute for any human powered cycle.

Neat design and powered by a battery of Lithium Iron Phosphate. This has thrived well for the time being and is continuing to do so with more technicalities under manufacture.

Learn more : Rubbee Website

9. Halfbike 

halfbikeA blend of cycling and a ride on bike lends it a pretty look. Of course, it has been designed to offer the best of both worlds. It is a kind of training gear that makes the whole accountable for the control of the bike. It is a mix of walking, cycling and easy conveyance amidst a crowded street.

Learn more : Halfbike’s Website

10. Raht Racer Auto Cycle

A three-wheeled hybrid bike that is no less than a sports car! It is true it comes with a passenger seat, seat belts, airbags, tail lights, headlights and most importantly a roof, unlike any other e-bike. raht auto cycleIt makes use of the flywheel generator technology that can reach a top speed of 100 miles an hour. Isn’t that incredible?

A cyclist can work out, reach their destination faster and commute from far off places. This means no more waiting for public transport services or buying a car with a Raht Racer in tow!

Learn more : Raht Mobile Website

Final Words!

So that was it ! We hope you enjoyed reading about these innovative experiments, and what’s interesting is some of these inventions are already made available online for you to try out. Keep biking !