All You Need To Know About Gogoro’s New Smartscooter Coming This Summer

Who needs cars anyway when you’ve got scooters, bikes, motorcycles and other similar two-wheeled vehicles?

Well, cars are indeed very comfortable and efficient when it comes to going places and bringing your things in, no matter what it is. But when it comes to gas and reparations, not so efficient in any way we’re afraid.

You’ll pay a bunch of gas, reparations, insurance and tax bills when it comes to cars, not to mention the leasing contracts or monthly payments on a car loan(s). The bills keep stacking up unfortunately and soon enough your choice of cars has cost you a small fortune.

But that’s the harsh reality for car owners. Not the same one for scooter owners though, in fact, their reality is much more pleasant and financially smarter. You interested in what we have to say?

Then keep on reading, as we’ll break it down to you in the form of shout-out about a new scooter, the Gogoro smartscooter, an electric-driven vehicle…

Introduction: What’s the Gogoro smartscooter?

This is a scooter unlike other conventional electric scooters today that is set to launch this summer 2015 (in most likely a month tops) by the scooter manufacturer Gogoro.

See the video by Gogoro themselves which will give a glimpse of what the scooter is all about.

It’s received some hype regarding its new design and features such as an increased maximum speed limit at 95 km/h and being able to go from 0-50 km/h in just 4.2 seconds which is quite extraordinary when it comes to scooters in general, having a reputation of not embracing speed too much.

The Gogoro smartscooter also has a more digital-like design and smarter systems which keep you synced with Gogoro, 24 hours a day and having over 80 sensors linked together to create a great scooter riding experience.

In any case, the Gogoro smartscooter is sure to be a revolutionary new product in the scooter market if it succeeds to deliver the hype that’s already been established beforehand.

How Is The Gogoro Smartscooter Different & Unique?

gogoro smartscooterWe’ve hinted a bit on how this upcoming scooter will be different than the other scooters on the market but I would like to dive into the details a bit more if you don’t mind.

As you might have guessed, this new scooter embraces the concepts of speed, agility, simplicity and intelligence.

With new promises such as reaching 95 km/h and having a 0-50 km/h time of 4.2 seconds,

Gogoro has definitely set the bar high when it comes to speed. This is something very different from other conventional scooters in today’s market, as they usually reach speeds of a maximum of 70-75 km/h and that’s being generous.

Many people naturally trim their scooter rides so that they may go faster but this won’t be necessary with this new scooter, or even possible considering that it’s an electric-driven vehicle.

For the sake of relevance we are only trying to compare this smartscooter from Gogoro with other electrical scooters in today’s market, but when compared with the conventional motor scooter, this one has much more going its way like zero gas bills for instance.

Anyway, this one has a very simple process of swapping batteries and has much more digital design than most other electrical scooters. All in all, this smartscooter embraces modern design and “smartness”.

Who Is/Are Gogoro Then?

With all the talk about Gogoro in this post, you might want to know who they are. That’s only natural for someone interested in buying a scooter, or any product or service for that matter, asking the question:

Who is behind this?

Well, Gogoro is a venture-backed corporation or company rather that focuses on producing new and innovating electric scooters and scooter batteries.

They were founded in 2011 by Horace Luke and Matt Taylor, who managed to raise enough money in investments from a Dr. Samuel Yin and Cher Wang, amounting to a total of 50 million dollars. In 2014 they secured a 100 million dollar investment fund from a variety of investors.

It’s safe to say that people seem to believe what Horace and Matt tried to accomplish and still try to do over at Gogoro, showcasing their trust and belief through these huge investment funds.

The Features & Specifications

gogoro backviewNow it’s time for the juiciest part of this post, the actual features and designs that will be present in the real version of the scooter being released this summer.

There are a lot of new and innovative features with this new smartscooter and to give each and every one of these features a long description means a new post entirely, so we’ll save that for another day.

But we will give a short description of each feature worth mentioning, so you’ll have an idea of what to expect:

Faster Speeds:

With speeds reaching 95 km/h and 0-50 km/h this new scooter has some revolutionary speed promises, shattering other electric scooters’ limits.

Smarter Power:

The batteries of this scooter can be held with one hand and you can swap them in just 6 seconds. The new smart mode analyzes your driving patterns and adjusts its power supply in order to last longer per battery swap, giving you smoother and more comfortable riding experience. And there are GoStations all over the city so that you may be able to swap batteries effectively.

Digital Design:

gogoro dashboard
This scooter has a beautiful and cool digital design, giving you a feeling of being in a car. With over 80 sensors linked to each other, this vehicle is connected to from top to bottom in a digital interface and system.

Connectivity To Gogoro:

You’ll be connected to Gogoro 24 hours per day, every day, which means that you’ll have some great service at your fingertips at all times with either their app or through the scooter itself.

Here is a test-drive video published by


All in all, it seems like we are in for a great experience when it comes to riding scooters later this summer.

We can only hope that Gogoro lives up to the hype and produces a new scooter that will indeed shatter the previous electric scooter speeds. With the new smartscooter being released soon, Gogoro has definitely taken another step into innovative and smart design.

Image credits : Gogoro website