Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2017 – Reviews

We at Electric Scooter Guide, always strive for high-quality research and aim for providing precise information for our readers. As part of our recent hours of research and analysis, we decided to compile the list of best electric mountain bikes that you can consider in 2017.

A mountain bike enthusiast can tell how rough it is to select a good mountain bike, considering the various aspects and of course the budget. Different manufacturers have different styles of making MTBs, and there seems to be a war in feature-overloading 🙂

Electric mountain bikes are on the rise, and they are getting increasingly popular due to their convenience factor of being run by electric batteries than pedaling as the main driving force. And mountain biking is an adventures sport, the extra power gifted by the electric source can be a blessing.

Mind you, we are discussing electric mountain bikes, not the regular ones with gear and pedaling. If you are looking for best electric bikes, see this article.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes for 2017 – Our Reviews & Recommendations

What factors we considered?

We examined various parameters such as the build quality, electric power rating, gear provision, utility features, speed, price and few other aspects which we felt are prime ones.

Without further delay, let’s look at the 3 best electrically driven mountain bikes right away.

1. Freway 27 Speed Pedal-assist Mountain Electric Bike

Motor Power: 250 Watts

Gears: 27 Speed (9 X3)

Max Speed: 27 MPH

A fantastic product to begin our list, with an innovative design, Freway Mountain e-bike is a fine example of great engineering and is a winner in almost all department of our review parameters. It has an elaborate 4 inches panel that works with a simple touch.

It has a great design and comes with 27 gears (9 X 3) for optimal riding experience. The best part about this bike is you can use it for almost 60 miles upon single electric charge, we think it’s an incredible feature to have. It boasts a 250 watts motor and integrates loads of other utility features as well


  • Remarkable top speed of 27 mph
  • 250 watts motor well-powers the e-bike
  • Shock absorption is excellent
  • Strong brakes with oil pressed disc
  • Smart data can provide details about exercising plans
  • It’s water resistant
  • Suitable for off-road as well as on-road


It’s not usable out of the box; you would need to spend some time in assembling the product if you have bought this product online. However, manual that comes along with the product is quite helpful in setting up your bike. And as always, check a YouTube video for obtaining a quick help.

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Innovation Blog has a nice video showing Freway Mountain bike, you might like watching it.

2. X-Treme Scooters Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Motor Power: 300 Watts

Gears: 7 Speed

Max Speed: 20 MPH

Next come is the Xtreme Scooters Folding E-Bike. Powered by a 300 watts motor, this product assures you a smooth ride.

The frame is made from aluminum and the bike feels sturdy. It is powered by lithium batteries, and the company claims that they last for 7 years. The bike can reach a top speed of 20 MPH and can serve you for 25 miles on a single charge.


  • Durable body made from aluminum alloy
  • Lithium batteries (LiPo4) are light in weight
  • Comes with 7 Speed Shimano Tourney Gears
  • Has an adjustable seat that is reckoned as comfortable for all body types
  • Bike can be folded, thus making it an ideal choice for transporting


  • The seat might be uncomfortable to you a bit, and you might want to replace it, same goes with the headlamp

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3. Jetson Electric Mountain E-Bike

Motor Power: 500 Watts

Gears: 7 speed

Max Speed: 20 MPH

Jetson mountain bike is the slickest one in this list. With its dazzling looks, you won’t look back when you are hunting for a great quality electric mountain bike.

Keeping terrain riding in mind, the makers have given extra attention to the frame design and wheels that have 29-inch tires. You can ride this e-bike for 40 miles upon a charge. Boasts a 500 watts motor and provides a top speed of 20 MPH.


  • Has a cool LCD
  • It’s an user-friendly mountain bike
  • It has a Lithium-Ion battery that is long-lasting
  • Battery is hidden safely inside the frame of the bike
  • Has a motor of 500 watts
  • Top speed of 20 mph
  • 40 miles per electrical charging cycle
  • Makes use of gears that are of Shimano 7 Speed


  • Try to replace the default seat that comes with this bike; you might feel it rigid and uncomfortable after an extended use

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So, Which One?

We felt that Fretway mountain bike is an overall winner considering loads of features it offers and also has an affordable price tag. Jetson, on the other hand, little pricey, however, justifies its price with its great design and utility features.