Which is the Best Electric Scooter With Seat?

As a parent, you would be searching for an electric scooter with seat for your kid since having a seat integrated within the e-scooter offers that additional comfort and better experience. Thankfully, there are numerous options to choose for when you want to pick up the best electric scooter with seat for a child or teenage kid.

We have built a list of 5 Best Electric Scooters with Seat that will help you get a fair idea as to which one suits your requirement best. No doubt, electric scooters have become so popular in Europe and its surroundings. It makes urban mobility accessible and assists in maintaining a pollution free world.

Top 5 Best Electric Scooters with Seat

The advancement of science and technology has got us to believe that nothing is impossible. There was a time when man traveled on foot, then started the use of animals for transportation, a simple machine developed to serve this purpose as time progressed and then came the automobiles.

Now that things have advanced further with outer space travel, research has been conducted to look into means of transport that without using renewable energy.One such discovery was brought to the fore with electric scooters. Here are a list and mini-review of 5 Best Electric Scooters with seat that makes your ride comfortable furthermore.

Razor E300S Electric Scooter With Seat

The Razor E300S is a great model for a neighborhood hike in a convenient way. Today Razor has become a brand that is known for innovative technology and designing first class vehicles. A company that has was founded in 2000 has transformed the way people look at adult scooters.

Razor E300S Electric Scooter with seat
The Razor E300S is no different to this and can travel 15 mph or a whopping 24 kph. It has some excellent features like:


  • Good looking adult scooter with seat
  • Available in various colors
  • Sturdy build
  • Well cushioned seat which is removable
  • Hand operated brake at the rear
  • Grips are soft
  • Twist control for acceleration
  • Retractable kick start mechanism
  • Makes use of 10 inches pneumatic tires for additional safety
  • Works with 24V which means 2X 12V rechargeable batteries comes with a battery charger
  • Weighs 52 pounds
  • Large sized deck
  • Users can ride for 45 minutes continuously with single charge, but it varies with climatic
  • conditions and type of terrain
  • Charge time should not exceed 24 hours at the max and a minimum of 12 hours
  • Low on maintenance


Users of the Razor E300S complain that it can do better, and this shows that people expect a lot more from Razor. Some complain that the vehicle is little noisy, well for that we can say all vehicles are. It is just a matter of choice, price and so many other factors that will get you a noiseless vehicle.

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Razor E200S Electric Scooter With Seat

Razor is a new brand that has evolved in the 2000’s and has become almost synonymous with quality. They have been producing electric scooters with variety and have never looked back ever since their inception.

Razor E200S electric scooter with seat
The Razor E200S is no exception to this rule and with its high torque, yet the quiet chain driven mechanism of the motor makes it a must-have for anyone on the move. The use of cutting-edge technology and quality parts to build a simple electric scooter takes Razor a level up from its esteemed competitors.


  • Extremely safe and suitable for ages 13 and up
  • Moreover, the tires of 8 inches pneumatic make it safer
  • It’s an electric scooter with a detachable seat
  • Comes with a UL-approved battery
  • 24 volts Seal battery that is rechargeable by nature
  • Battery needs to be charged for a minimum 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours
  • Hand-operated rear brake
  • Can be switched in between a standup and a sit-down bike


Very few complaints make the Razor E200S Electric Scooter With Seat almost a perfect adult scooter on the whole. However, some have complained about the chain that keeps falling, which is an assembling problem. If you can’t assemble it, then get done by a professional to avoid problems like these.

The other thing that people complain about is the battery life to be short, but that depends on the climatic conditions and also how well you keep it charged. That said, you know this is a great electric scooter for the money.

Black Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

Although, Super Cycles and Scooters are facing some duplication issues, yet they are a trustworthy company. They have been in this line of business for more than 8 years now, and there is nothing that they would do to tarnish their image. In the same way, the Super Turbo 1000watt Elite is a result of their hard work and research.

Super 1000watt Electric Scooter with seat
The reviews speak for them, and the comfort that this black beauty exudes is quite commendable. It is a powerful 1000 watt motor and is equally sturdy to perform likewise. There is more to it like:


  • Chic but elegant black body
  • 36 volts motor with 1000 watts output
  • Can serve you up to 18 mph per charge
  • Ideal for quick transmitting
  • Can wade through crowded streets with ease
  • Manufacturer’s 90-day warranty on parts makes it genuine
  • An additional 1-year warranty on the motor keeps things authentic


The best part about the Super Turbo 1000watt Elite is that even those who would go against them also would suggest that this a boisterously sturdy electric scooter.

Some have found that it would go only 15 mph which is not that great a distance according to them. Doesn’t that depend on how efficiently you drive? Think about it; you need to know the tricks of riding to make it efficient.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Once again, the mention of a Razor electric scooter makes it a valid point that this company is more than just a name. They are not manufacturing adult scooters without a reason. Instead, they have a point to make. They have been making quality, sturdy, beautiful and best electric scooters ever since 2000.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter
The EcoSmart Metro is one such example of a product that has been created to make a difference. This emissions-free scooter has a bamboo luggage rack to make shopping on the go easy for its riders. Here is more to it:


  • Cute looking electric scooter with seat
  • Comfortable padded seating
  • 36 volts motor with 500 watts output
  • Super safe with 16 inches pneumatic tires
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days makes it a legitimate product


Some have found the battery to have a small life in contrast to others, but it must be added that you need to charge it well to reap the benefits. Again a few have complained that the scooter doesn’t pick up well on hills. This is something that you need to consider before investing in it.

UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter With Seat

UberScoot Powerboards designs scooters based on the state of the art technique. So safe are these that they are recommended for anyone over 12 years old!

UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter
Electric scooters are quite a new thing as of now, but they have already succeeded in some leading countries because of its convenience. The UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is another sample of what this company is capable of doing, like:


  • Gorgeous looking electric scooter with seat for kids
  • Runs on 3×12 volts batteries
  • Has battery conservation modes
  • Chain motor produces 1000 watts of power
  • 10 inches pneumatic tires mark it as safe
  • Has both front as well as rear brakes for additional safety
  • Can be charged within a span of 4 to 8 hours
  • Can last for 250 cycles that quite obviously depend on the weight it carries too
  • It is foldable
  • Comes with a cozy seating arrangement
  • Manufacturer has a 60-day parts replacement warranty that sweetens the deal
  • Remember to wear your safety gears while riding along


Some would say that they expect the batteries to last longer, but they admit that it is a beast on the road. With 1000 watts of power, it is bound to impress riders with its innate goodness. As for the batteries, we wish our smartphone batteries would last us days like the old cell phone batteries. Don’t we?

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As far as the future of electric scooters is concerned, it must be stated that with depleting resources of fuel, the advent of electric scooters can be a solution to this prevalent problem. It has been reported that more and more people will be embracing an electric mode of transportation soon.

In this light of things, we hope that our earnest endeavor to script a post on the 5 top electric scooters having a seat will certainly be useful to all those who want to make the switch.