Best Electric Moped for Kids in 2017 – Buying Guide and Reviews

A Kids electric moped is becoming the easy mode of transportation nowadays for children. With these, kids need not have to pedal all their way. Just charge and enjoy the ride. In this article, we will be covering some of the best available electric mopeds for kids in 2017.

It is not easy to choose the right product because of the overwhelming choices that are available on the market. However, we picked some of the best ones after our comprehensive research for your reference and information.

Best Kids Electric Mopeds in 2017 – Reviews

Last updated: 28-May-2017

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

The Razor Pocket Mod miniature euro electric scooter might be one of the simplest electric scooters. The speed limit of this vintage scooter is suitable for kids with the age of 13 years and above. They can drive it and park back safely.

However, do not forget to get your child a helmet just to be on the safe side. This vintage inspired scooter is specially designed for girls, so if your girl has a passion for fashion and is a stylish little angel this Italian scooter design is for her.

In-depth review of Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

It has a built-in battery that can run up to 10 miles on a single recharge. It has a storage compartment just under the seat with all the ease to open and close.

It has a twenty-four potential unit fixed 24 V lead-acid battery which is rechargeable and that keeps running for forty minutes of constant use.

It has an excellent speed of 15 miles per hour which is a reasonable speed and is within the harmless range. So you don’t get to have trouble with the speed.

The handlebar streamers and bell are available on sweet pie model. Has got only single speed and is driven by the chain for transferring maximum power.

The wheels of this electric scooter are made from gas material and are of twelve inches. The scooter includes a back suspension framework which adds stability to it, so your child can ride it safely even if he is a newbie to electric Scotties.

Brakes and handbrakes that are easy to handle provide additional safety for your child. The speed for Razor Pocket Mod Miniature has been set keeping the child’s safety in mind.

The speed this scooter has is too little for kids to be out of any harm’s and its head on the braking system and the fat rear tires keep the ride of your Kid safe.

This scooter has an excellent reputation in the electric scooter zone and is adored by many users for the comfort and the stylish look of it.


  • Perfect for kids with the controlled speed
  • Suspension framework for stability
  • Safety assured
  • Forward and backward with a simple push of a button


  • Runtime only around 40 minutes
  • Battery charging time is around 12 hours

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The scooter is a fantastic toy for kids that have just started riding electric toys. Its safety features are an incredible plus for this product. However, the speed limit it has might not be a fun feature for elder kids. With the affordable price, this can be a good gift to your angel.

Best Choice Products Kids Ride-On Electric Moped Motorcycle

The best choice Products owns this Pink motorcycle which serves the fun needs of your child. The kid can cruise it along the side streets safely with a limited speed limit of just 1.75 Mph. It is a 3 wheeled motorcycle which features a 15W battery.

It also comes with a rechargeable car battery and a charger. The Mopeds Motorcycle can move forward and backward with a single press of a button. It has an embellished durable plastic body.

It can be assembled easily within an hour. This scooter has a comfortable seat for your 3 years old and speeds that are easy for your 3 or 4-year-old to control. This product weighs around 17 pounds, and its dimensions are 37 x 25 x 18 inches.

The LED lights embedded in the motorcycle makes it look fancier. These lights are found on the front, on the back, on the side mirrors. There is a button next to the handlebar that works as a horn for the motorcycle.

There is a small storage box on the back of the scooter where the kid can keep possessions such as toys, books, edibles, etc. It has an additional storage underneath it. The battery is rechargeable.

This scooter is recommended for children three years old and up. Your kid would love this scooter as the speed is totally slow and can’t harm the child anyway. Make this Christmas special for your child by getting this fantastic scooter.


  • LED lights enable it for night rides as well
  • Can move forward and in reverse with a single push of a button
  • Affordable
  • Can play music which the kid will enjoy


  • Comes in just pink color only
  • Should have had the option to control the volume of music
  • The LED lights are too bright

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It is safe fun and affordable gift for your kid. With its safety measurements, you do not have to worry about your child’s safety although a proper safety gear is recommended just to be on the safe side.

Dynacraft Surge City Scooter

The Dynacraft surge city scooter is a decent electric scooter to use and is a good equipment for kids to use. It comes in stylish colors of Turquoise, White, and Black. So it can be bought both for girls and boys alike.

In-depth Review of Dynacraft Surge City Scooter

kids electric moped
The 24 Volt battery fitted in it can make the scooter go at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour which is a normal speed and doesn’t cause any harm.

It weighs around 59 pounds with dimensions of 13.5 x 22 x 46 inches and weighs around 59 lbs. It has a steel body for durability.

This retro-inspired electric motor is designed in true vintage fashion has an attractive design. It is lightweight and can be managed by your child with no difficulty.

The braking system of the scooter is appealingly suitable for newbies as the rear hand brake makes it easy for the scooter to stop at the spot at your fingertips. The embellished comfortable seat of this scooter gives your child a comfortable ride which is convenient for your child’s comfort and he won’t be complaining about a twitchy seat.

The 12 Inch tires are pneumatic which means that they are operated by gas or air under pressure and makes the ride a comfortable one and without any hurdles. Gripping on the scooter is right on point and something that most of the parents would want.It is recommended for kids of 12 years and above.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Comfortable seat
  • Pneumatic tires for steady and comfortable ride


  • Battery life could have been better

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Being a parent your priority is the safety and comfort of your child and fortunately, the Dynacraft Surge City Scooter provides both.

Product Summary and Quick Comparison of Top 3 Kids Electric Mopeds

Model NameKey FeaturesAge Group
Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric ScooterLightweight and ideal for riding
Top Speed of 15 MPH
24 V battery
13 Years and above
Best Choice Products Kids Ride-On MopedComes assembled
lightweight great Choice for 3-year-olds
LED lights
Top Speed of 1.75 MPH
15 W battery
3 years – 5 years
Dynacraft Surge ScooterLightweight and perfect for short travel
Top Speed of 15 MPH
Large wheels for smooth drive
For the age of 12 years and above
24 V battery
12 Years and above

The above chart is to provide you with an insight of the price and features. With the age range, you may find it good to refer.

If you are looking for few important pointers to choose a good electric moped for children that is safe, cost-efficient and with advanced features, then you can read the below buyer’s guide as a quick reference.

How to Choose a Good Kids Electric Moped? A Handy Buyer’s Guide

The market is flooded with the broad range of electric mopeds, and it is not easy to choose one. Whenever you are opting for buying a new moped for your kid, make sure to keep these features in mind.

  • Type of scooter/moped that you need.
  • The distance that the scooter will cover on a single charge.
  • Weight capacity: if the electric moped is intended for adults it is recommended that you check its weight capacity.
  • Battery backup: battery quality, its charging capacity, and type are some of the important features you should be checking.
  • Pricing: It is important that you check the price of the moped with its other competing scooters along with the features.
  • Why you need the moped: knowing that there is a variety of scooter available you must know why and for which age range you are buying the scooter.