Comparing a Gas Operated Scooter and an Electric Scooter

We are living in an era where prices of consumer goods are continuously raising including the prices of oil and gas. Since oil and gas being primary fuels powering various kind of vehicles, we need to explore alternate means of transportation which is efficient and allows us to not to depend upon gas or oil.

Electric scooters solve this dependency on oil and gas since they work with electric power. They have also eased pains of many people who used to experience frustrations because of traffic jams and were unable to cope with ever-increasing price of oil and gas.

E-Scooters are fairly new in the market and yet to pick up demand. However, in coming days, they will catch up with many people and transform themselves into primary mode of personal transport soon.

How Gas Powered and Electrically Powered Scooters Differ from Each Other?


Conventionally, gas powered scooters run faster than e-scooters because of the power they generate and the design that they incorporate within. However, recently , even e-scooters are catching up in this aspects and some models of e-scooters can pick up good speeds as well.


One of the best aspect of an electric scooter is that it doesn’t cause harmful effects on environment like a gas powered scooter.  As we all know, gas scooters burn fuel and leave some kind of chemical dust every time they are revved. When it comes to e-scooters, they don’t leave any type of smoke.

Cost of Maintenance and Bills

This is interesting part. While most of the people think that getting an electric scooter totally reduce the price involved in buying gas or oil, they are partially wrong. E-scooters run on electricity and they need to charged adequately so that they have sufficient power to run. It means, that you need to charge the scooter several times a day if you are a heavy user.

You will surely see a swift increase in your electric bill.

It’s all About Your Personal Convenience.

As you can see from above comparison, both gas operated scooters and electric scooters have their own pros and cons.

If you need a light weight, handy transport mode that doesn’t pollute the environment, then electric scooter is a great choice. Even if you don’t want to replace your gas powered scooter with electric ones, you can still have an e-scooter for doing quick errands and of course to make your driving a fun affair.