Review of CoolReall Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

We recently published a post about this new craze is catching up, and more and more people are drawn towards self-balancing scooters.

Like in any other segment, there are some great products out there to choose from when it comes to self-balancing scooters. However, there was one model caught our attention, and we were pretty impressed. This prompted us for a review post.

So, in today’s article, we are going into crazy details of a very modern self-balancing electric scooter – CoolReall Self-Balancing Electric Scooter.

In this review, we have gone to great lengths to examine various aspects of the product and present a clearer, honest opinion of ours which can help you to have a better understanding of the product itself.

So, enjoy the review and decide if it’s the one for you 🙂

Detailed Review of CoolReall Self-Balancing Electric Scooter


CoolReall Self Balancing HoverboardThe CoolReall self-balancing electric scooter is the mini smart self-balancing scooter which boasts two wheels.

We felt that it’s pretty safe and convenient with its excellent self-balancing capabilities.

It has a robust body and protects the rider from getting slipped i.e.,.. The gripping power is superb.

The highest safe speed is 12 km/hr.

The package includes 1 power adapter, 1 self-balancing scooter and user manual. You can use the user manual for getting a quick answer for any of your queries. It is recommended that the scooter should be utilised by those with age above 14.

However, it at all, it is being used by people who are below 14 years or above 45 years, it’s best to drive with a partner for safety reasons

How To Use?

Be it any self-balancing electric scooter, it does require a bit of practising (though not a ton of it). Once you get a hang of it, it becomes a cakewalk.

First of all, you need to press the power button which will start the vehicle; you can start preparing for driving. Put your one foot on the foot-switch and when the system comes to the self-balancing mode, put the second foot. You can then move scooter in either of the direction.

Key Features of CoolReall Self-Balancing Scooter

The product is great as it can be used in a driveway, or on a sidewalk, on the streets and also in the office. Driving it is very straightforward and fun. Moreover, the build quality of the CoolReall deserves an applause.

1. Packaging

You will be pleasantly surprised to see the packaging when you receive the scooter. It comes with documentation which makes it very easy for understanding the working of the scooter.

To get the product up and usable, it could take about an hour to charge the scooter.

2. Design

The electric scooter is quite sturdy and robust. You can feel the premium build quality when you start looking at its parts. Being portable, it is very easy to carry it outside.

CoolReall HoverboardThe scooter is durable and reliable, and it maintains the same quality even after using it several times.The tyres are designed to provide you with a good grip on the road/ground, preventing chances of getting slipped.

There are rubber pads on the top of the scooter which makes you feel comfortable to use. There are also LED lights in front of the scooter so it is easy to drive it during nights.

3. Self Balancing

The primary source of enjoyment that comes from this type of product is to feel its balancing feature.

You just need to place your one foot first. After putting your foot, keep your shoulders straight and try balancing the scooter. Then put your second foot. After being on the scooter, just apply some pressure and you will notice that the scooter starts moving.

Caution: When you are new to this type of vehicle, try to maintain a slow speed. Once you are comfortable, you can hope for higher speeds. It is also very easy to increase and decrease the speed of scooter and also stopping is easy as well.

4. Battery

The battery in the scooter is 110 Watts lithium battery which is LG certified. The battery is pretty decent, and it can withstand severe heating conditions without losing the electric charge.

The CoolReall has done well in the battery segment.

Any Drawbacks?

No product comes without few drawbacks or cons. Speaking of CoolReall, the product does have some cons.

It can get scratches easily, leaving the original colour distorted.

While the battery offers excellent performance, some of you might feel that it’s not adequate, though. Again, with a self-balancing scooter, given that the product had to be portable, one can’t expect a massive battery to be integrated.

Speed could have been better; this can be one of the complaints you could have. With the maximum speed of 12 km/hr, you might feel that the vehicle is quite slow.

Again, on the other side, considering the fact that it’s speed is limited for a very reason that of self-balancing nature. Increasing the speed to a higher level can result in compromising the safety of the rider.


Overall, we felt that the CoolReall self-balancing electric scooter is a great product. It might have few limitations but still, it is a product that is easy to use, and it’s great fun to ride it.

Great packaging, good battery and few other premium features make this product a must-have one. It’s great for not only children but also for adults. We recommend this one for sure!