E-Twow S2 Booster Scooter Review – Justifies its High Price Tag

While Eco-reco M5 is garnering love and likes of electric scooter enthusiasts as a new alternate to the adult electric scooter, erstwhile dominated by Razors, Currie Technologies and few others, we have another strong contender here.

We are talking about E-twow S2 Booster which doesn’t seem to be just a new kid on the block, but it stares Razor in the eye with its brilliantly designed and power packed product releases back to back.

Our team at ESG decided to review E-twow electric scooter and provide in-depth insights into the product so that our readers can take an informed decision if they are looking for an adult e-scooter with useful features.

Detailed Review of E-Twow S2 Electric Scooter

Who is Behind This Product?

E-Twow (pronounced as E2), the brand is part of a large international concept focussed on offering products in urban mobility. It’s been headquartered both in China and Europe. The company has released a couple of eco-friendly products earlier such as s2 eco and s2 master.

The product that we are reviewing today is S2-Booster, which is the latest version from the company and has highest features and better specifications when compared to earlier releases from the company.

Age Group Target and Suitability

Before you start guessing about the age suitability factor of this scooter, let us tell you that the product is an adult electric scooter. It’s not for kids since the scooter can pick up high speeds that are not suitable for kids to handle. Also, the weight of the scooter is something that is not appropriate for children to handle.

Design and Build Quality

The scooter is made up of aluminium alloy has a sturdy frame and accessories, it doesn’t look
fragile and is pretty strong. If you are looking for color choices then, the product comes in 4 colors (black, white, green and grey).

It can carry a load of 165 lbs with a max of 242 lbs.

The height of the scooter is adjustable, and the scooter can be folded using handle bar. It automatically unfolds with minimum effort when you want to take it out and like to go for a ride.

There are two brakes (front and rear), and the product comes with two shock absorbers as well for front and rear tyres. Talking about tyres, they are airless tyres.

The product runs with a DC brushless motor with maximum power output of 500 watts.

There are in fact, a handful of features integrated into this scooter. LED Lighting, horn and couple of other features. It’s kind of interesting to observe that lot of patented innovations are used in this product such as airless tyres, UBHI: UNIBLOCK HUMAN INTERFACE (patent) and the fully foldable aspect of the scooter as well.

Power and Speed Aspects

Let’s now talk about few of the prime aspects of any electric scooter, maximum speed and ride time upon single charge.

This scooter can reach up to 18 miles / per hour (30 km) and one can enjoy a ride of 15 miles upon single charge. You can get the batteries fully charged under 2 hours, which is pretty good.

Riding the Scooter

If you are a newbie to electric scooters, it will take some time to understand how to cruise and halt the vehicle. Speaking specifically about E-Twow, there are two buttons for cruise control and braking. The one on the right side of the handlebar is for speed control (acceleration) and the knob on the left is for braking. Both of these can be controlled by the thumb.

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Quick Specifications

Top Speed(mph)18 mph
Range (miles or minutes)35 kms
Max Weight Capacity242 lbs
Suitable for AgeAdults

Comparing with Eco-Reco M5

When compared to another popular model of an electric scooter Eco-Reco M5, with similar specs, we found that there are few key differences.

Eco-Reco M5

E-Twow S2 Booster

Body  Aircraft quality Aluminium  Aluminium Alloy
Max Speed   20 miles/ hour (39 km/hours)  18 miles/ hour (30 km/hour)
Charging Time  4.5 hours  Under 2 hours
Max Weight Capacity  280 lbs  242 lbs
Product Weight  36 lbs  23 lbs
Features  LED dashboard, dual suspension, foldable, front and rear suspension, adjustable height  Automative folding, LED lights, LCD, double brakes, shock absorbers, horn
Ride time upon single charge  10 – 20 miles 35 km
  Price (USD)  Approx $$$$ (Read our review)  Approx $$$ (Check latest price on Amazon)


  • Great features such as foldability, LCD monitor, sturdy body
  • Good power
  • Short charging time (under 2 hours)
  • Considerably low weight


  • Brake might not be sufficient under moist conditions
  • LED lighting is not adequate for driving in the night. You would need additional light
  • High price

What Others are Saying about E-Twow Electric Scooter?

In thier review of E-Twow, Slashgear praised the scooter with below conclusion,

If you’re an electric vehicle enthusiast who likes to generate their own power by hitting high speeds then hitting the brakes – by all means, E-TWOW is the scooter for you. – Slashgear

Geekdad published a very positive review of this scooter as well.

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Packed with great features and being strong on basics, E-Twow scores high marks when it comes to primary aspects such as power, speed and range. Though there are few minor drawbacks, it surely justifies its high price point and can easily go on and become one of the most loved adults electric scooter.