Review of EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter -Looks Promising

We are back with another review & in today’s post, we are going to review the all-new EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter. Why? Because this product has been in the buzz for a while now and it’s been running shoulder to shoulder with other big names in the e-scooter industry.

What we are going to discuss in this article is about the remarkable features of this product, a glimpse into specifications, advantages and finally shortcomings (if any). Let’s jump right into this post then.

The Brand

Headquartered in California – USA, creators of EcoReco have garnered all praise for their EcoReco range of electric scooters. They have been featured in news by major tech blogs and press, appreciating them for their range of eco-friendly products.

What’s Exactly EcoReco M5?

It is an eco-friendly electric scooter which is designed to be used for everyday purposes. It is a portable and highly efficient vehicle as it uses electricity rather than any non-renewable fuels.

The Environmental-friendly Advantage

This smart electric vehicle is a very convenient alternative for traveling from one place to another Further, the EcoReco M5 E-Scooter is so compact that it can travel through a huge traffic where all bigger vehicles would be stuck and can come out of it easily. It also is an environment-friendly option as it does not, in any way, pollute the air that is available for everyone to breathe.

Our Review of EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter

Key Features

The EcoReco M5 E-Scooter is available in black color and is of the length of 12 inches, the width of 6 inches and a height of 36 inches.  EcoReco M5 E-scooter comes with the dual suspension which ensures a comfortable ride. We are pretty sure that the scooter can sustain rough roads as well to a great extent because of the dual suspension that comes with this E-scooter, thus ensuring a great riding experience for the rider.

EcoReco M5’s frame is built using aircraft quality aluminum which results in a lightweight body of the E-scooter.There are two suspensions available (front and back). Also, the dashboard at the back of the scooter is LED lit and you can even ride in the dark as well.

The scooter also features smart braking along with a safe start facility adding on to the good attributes of the scooter. It comprises of a 36V 8ah Lithium Ion Phosphate battery and makes it sufficiently capable of handling the everyday commutes as well as the other hiking adventures.

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What Are Other People Saying About This Product?

According to the reviews, as given by the customers who have used the EcoReco M5 E-Scooter, the scooter goes up to a good amount of distance and provides them with amazing riding experiences.

Also, because of the compactness of the scooter, it is so user-friendly that wherever taken, it can be folded into a compact structure in 5 seconds approximately.

Most customers have found that the M5 is very well built for their use and is suitable for their day to day commutes.

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Is EcoReco M5 a Good Buy?

We felt, it comes with great features, has a solid frame and provides a great driving experience. It’s also very compact and foldable making it an ideal choice while carrying it in train for longer commutes. It stands firm and excels in basic qualities and we have no hesitation in recommending this product to our readers.