Electric Bike (BiCycle) Comparison Guide

This page consists of top rated products (handpicked by our team) in electric bikes (bicycles) and you can compare each of them according to your personal preference.

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You can also go through our choices for the best electric mountain bikes.

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Top Rated Electric Bikes(Bicycles)

Electric Bike(Bicycle) ModelTop Speed(mph)Range (miles or minutes)PriceWeight CapacityBest Suited for

Currie Technologies eZip Men Trailz Electric Bicycle
15 mph15-22 miles$$$$240 poundsMen, General commute and Recreational riding

Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 8 Speed Folding Electric
20 mph28-38 miles$$$$250 poundsUnisex, City driving, Leisure
15 mph15-22 miles$$$240 poundsWomen

Prodeco V3 Stride 500 8 Speed Electric Bicycle
20 mph25-30 miles$$$$240 poundsUnisex, General commute

Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle
14 mph16-18 miles$$$240 poundsUnisex, General Commute, Cargo purpose

Prodeco V3 Mariner Folding Electric Bicycle
17 mph18-25 miles$$$$200 poundsUnisex, General commute

X-Treme Scooters Folding Electric Mountain E-Bike
20 mph25 miles$$$350 poundsMountain biking

Prodeco V3 Phantom X Lite 9 Speed Folding Electric Bicycle
18 mph18-25 miles$$$$240 poundsUnisex, General commute

Prodeco V3 Outlaw EX 8 Speed Electric Bicycle
20 mph25-30 miles$$$$240 poundsUnisex, General commute

X-Treme XB-300Li High Performance Electric
20 mph20-25 miles$$$350 poundsUnisex, General commute