Electric Go-Kart Buying Guide

The world of go-karts is ever changing. Go-karts are available in both gas and electric models. However, the ride experience in an electric go-kart is so much better. Because of their efficiency, the performance of electric go karts is much safer and reliable than gas models.

Electric go-karts have greater low-end torque which allows them to accelerate much faster. Since the use of electric motors, go-karts have been capable of driving at 45+ mph, and electric go-karts far surpass that speed.

Age Groups

The first thing you should contemplate is who you’re buying the kart for. Is the kart for an adult or a child? Go-karts built for an adult can reach very high speeds. Professional racing go-karts can reach up to 160+ mph. Most go-karts for recreational purposes have a maximum speed of about 90+ mph, but thatís much too fast for your children to be able to handle safely. Allowing a child to drive adult sized go-karts create serious risk of injury, namely whiplash.

If you are thinking about buying a go-kart for your son or daughter, consider looking for a kart that has additional security features. Go-karts for children often enable parents to adjust the go-kartís max speed. Some go-karts have on and off switches, while other models give parents complete control over the go-kart with remotes.


The frame of a go-kart has both practical and aesthetic purposes. Depending on the structureís design, the go-kart may simulate the look and feel of a dune buggy, F-1 racer or an old, ìstripped downî kart. Other structures make the kart look like a monster truck or classic sports vehicle.

Interestingly, the go-kart’s frame shields the motor and driver from damage and injury. The dune-buggy style karts are reliable options for children and amateur riders. The roll-cages give additional security, should the kart tip over.

Electric or Gas-Powered Karts?

As mentioned earlier, go-kart motors are manufactured with gas and electric capabilities. Go-karts powered by gas are simple to refuel and maintain but produce excess fumes from the exhaust. It’s not the safest option for child drivers. Go-karts that use electric engines use a reusable/rechargeable battery, which makes them free of toxic fumes. This also presents electric go-karts as a reasonable choice for indoor kart racing as well as outdoor tracks.

Go-karts that run on electrical power are heavier than gas-powered karts that have comparable maximum speeds and capabilities. That is not a bad thing; the added weight improves the kartís balance, which makes it simpler to handle at high velocity or when taking sharp corners.

An electrical go-kartís pull depends mostly on its use. Most recreational go-karts have between 5-20 horsepower. Professional racing kart models may reach speeds of up to 48 horsepower. Go-karts that fall into the lower speed categories are often privately owned.

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