eMicro-One Electric Scooter Review – Keeps You Ahead

Have you been looking for adult scooters that would run without an interruption? If you are and if you want an adult scooter that runs smoothly with feather touch kind of push, then you are at the right place.

We will be discussing a unique product that can give the cool hoverboards a run for cash because the eMicro-One is all that you have dreamt in an electric scooter. This scooter takes care of what they call “urban mobility” in a stylish way.

Comprehensive Review of eMicro-One Electric Scooter

Key Differentiators

With innovative design and sturdy built, electric scooters have started setting a new trend. There are quite a lot of advantages that you can get by buying a new electric scooter. There is no end to its upsides which are like:

  • Ease of commuting
  • Can use it to ride in a huge office compound and save some time
  • If the bus station is little far off, then you can consider investing in one
  • These are a cost effective solution for maintenance of a car and gas
  • Better solution over extravagant hoverboards
  • Easy to carry as the eMicro One can be folded effortlessly
  • No need of parking space
  • Saves you from additional tension of your vehicle getting stolen or towed
  • Say no to pollution as there is no emission involved

Features of the eMicro-One scooter

So, now you know that an electric scooter is capable of serving you a lot in positive ways. Hands down, if you want to commute faster and without having to worry about spending a lot of gas, parking and then elaborate maintenance, then an electric scooter is the solution. Moreover, the eMicro-One has features that make it distinct from many others in this category, like:


Modern yet creative design makes this adult scooter a treat to the eye. The elegant black colour makes the design soothing, and the idea to hide the battery under the footboard works wonders with the device.

The slender shape makes it attractive and being foldable help in uncomplicated storage. Clearly, the scooter is an embodiment of years of hard work by the manufacturer.


This scooter weighs 7.5 kilogrammes, and In general, a scooter is considered to be in light in weight that was enough for kids around the block. However, this adult scooter weighing 7.5 kgs is pretty lightweight. The kind of performance it is capable of is utterly exceptional for its weight.


Talking about performance, brings us to one aspect of this scooter, that the ride. To be honest, it provides you with a smooth ride that starts with a simple push. Yes, no power buttons or throttle power to work with and a spontaneous push can help you travel like 15 km/h using 250 watts in eco mode! Additionally, it has to be noted that on an average the battery can help you go 10-15 km with one round of complete charge.

Mode of operation

There are 3 modes of operation, one is the standard that can run 25 km/h for 250 watts, the eco mode as explained above and the sports mode which runs for 25 km/h with 500 watts. This means you can run on power saving mode as well, and there is a necessity you can speed up things a bit more for convenience. The charger can be carried along for additional charges if you please as it is light in weight too!

Safety of the brakes

As far as stopping the vehicle is concerned all you need to is to press the pedal at the rear to pull over. This switches off the motor that transfers a momentum to the battery by the use of a regenerative brake. In simple words, this means that the scooter comes to a halt pretty fast.

Moreover, the Slope Support feature makes it extra safe while riding up and down a hill. The support from the engine lasts longer while riding down an incline. This certainly is an amazing attribute that shows the hard work the geniuses have put into building this one at least.

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  • Good looking adult scooter
  • Durable because of its robust build
  • Foldable scooter can be carried along very easily
  • No kick starting required, just a gentle push can take you to places
  • Ideal for working professionals and work parents alike
  • Superior control
  • Can monitor speed and adjust according to your needs
  • Comes with a sloped support, helping you ride uphill and downhill comfortably
  • It is an environment-friendly vehicle


  • The truth is, once you start it expect to turn heads around, and this may alert others. The point is people will notice that it is different from the usual scooters. This makes a difference and has both negative as well as positive approaches to it.
  • Legality may be a problem in some countries because of the big debate over these electric vehicles. The same questions have been raised in regards to this micro scooter as well. Nonetheless, the eMicro-One is a deal breaker for those who need something in between a kiddy ride on and a car.

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The eMicro-One is a great scooter that is ideal for movements within campus vicinity or even for neighbourhood hike. You need to ride it wisely and most importantly safely as this micro scooter is all about speed. As a rider, you should know how to control the speed for good. Just stay away from places that can cause you troubles and ride it with care. eMicro-One is destined to bring a smile on your face with its functionality and beauty.