Gigabyke Groove Eco Friendly Electric Moped Bike – Review

Say goodbye to oil mixing with this electric ride

We are back with the review of Gigabyke Groove Eco-Friendly Electric Moped Bike.

What is GigaByke Groove?

The Gigabyke Groove is an eco-friendly electric bike which has put an end to the strain of mixing oil and fuel.  Gigabyke groove comes with a brushless design, which makes it one of the most reliable electric motors around. So it is the best buy for them who wants a more reliable rider.

Review of Gigabyke Groove Eco-Friendly Electric Moped Bike

Gigabyke Groove Electric Moped Bike
Gigabyke has a LED headlight in the usual front position, which generates light and gives you the ability to see and ride in the night.

You can now easily take control of your bike with the turn signal with the ability to turn to the left or right.

In case you are a swift rider, Gigabyke gives you the opportunity to control the speed of your bike with the digital speedometer.

It protects you from danger, with the ability to slow down due to the front speed brakes.
Moreover, most important of all, you can now dump the agitation that comes with mixing gas with the electric function.

The electric byke has the ability to accumulate battery cell in it and charges itself with the smart battery charger in the package.

What does it include?

Gigabyke Groove includes a 48V, 14Ah battery with the ability to last for a long drive without charging.

Reach your destination faster and override your rivals with a top speed of over 20 mph.
Notwithstanding, it charges in just 6 hours long, giving you a full battery in a short amount of time.

No restrictions on state laws, as most state laws don’t require license Registration.

It comes in different varieties of color with the ability to pick from pre-made choices.
Lastly, it has the ability to carry you along, even if you weight over 200 lbs.



  • 45 inches wheelbase
  • 64.7″[L] x 24.4″[W] x 39.7″[H] dimensions
  • 16″ [diameter] x 3″ [width] in tire


  • 180 lbs weight total with battery
  • 143 lbs weight total without battery

Battery information

  • Silicon lead-acid type
  • 35 ML battery life
  • 14 AH capacity
  • 48 V voltage


  • 250 lbs maximum load
  • Occupancy for 2 people

What are the Key Features of Gigabyke Groove?

  • LED headlight
  • Turn signals
  • Digital speedometer
  • Front disc brakes
  • Smart battery charger

Other Features Include

Comes with a 48V and 14Ah battery which rides up to a range of 35 miles on a full charge of 6 hours. Contains a 750W which Boast of a top speed of 20MPH.

This electric scooter can reach up to 20 miles per hour. You can also ride for 35 miles on a single charge. You can get the battery charge full for 6 hours.

The seat provides adequate comfort, padded leather seat ( a foot wide and 3 feet deep) that allows you to move around your saddle and change position to a more comfortable zone once if you have a sore bum and provides adequate spacing for 2 people.

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Scooter contains a fancy LED light and blinkers. Also, has left and right blinkers for safety riding around the town at night and in a busy type environment.

Giga Byke v/s Eco-Reco M5



Eco-Reco M5

Giga Byke Groove

Body  Aircraft quality Aluminium  Aluminium Alloy
Max Speed   20 miles/ hour (39 km/hours)  20 miles/ hour (39 km/hour)
Charging Time  4.5 hours  Under 6 hours
Max Weight Capacity  280 lbs 200 lbs
Product Weight  36 lbs  23 lbs
Features  LED dashboard, dual suspension, foldable, front and rear suspension, adjustable height  LED Headlight, Turn Signals, Digital Speedometer, Front disc brakes, Smart battery charger
Ride time upon single charge  10 – 20 miles 20 Miles
  Price (USD)  Approx $$$$ (Read our review)  Approx $$$$ (Check latest price on Amazon)

What We Liked about Gigabyke

  • Good quality brakes.
  • Comes with a strong motor 750W and can handle more than 200 lbs weight of someone.
  • It consists solid looking frame
  • Has a narrow design of frame and comfortable seat that makes possible for easy usage and handling
  • Comes with LED lights
  • Comes with well-designed battery
  • Has a good suspension
  • Pack contains disc brakes

What We didn’t like about Gigabyke

  • The wiring is a bit of a mess because it has disconnected wires in it
  • Have missing protective wire sleeves that can cause shorts
  • Charger can quickly fail because it is a bit delicate

Quick Specifications

Top speed: 20 MPH
Range: 35 km
Max weight capacity: 200 lbs
Suitable for age Adults above 18 years.

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We hope, in this review of Gigabyke Groove electric moped bike, we were able to throw some light on the key specifications, features, and benefits of the product.

To summarise, Gigabyke Groove is easy to ride. It has a narrow design that makes pedaling a draft! The design is slim and light. The gigabyke groove has a firm fitting ergonomic handle with extra wide 32” handlebars. Contains a dual suspension on both wheels to stop the bumps from affecting you while riding.

If you are looking for a powerful ride scooter, Gigabyke is the right bike for you today.