History of Electric Scooters

During the periods of early 1900’s, the company named Ajax Motor Vehicle located in the New York City produced the first ever electric scooters. Around the same period, a mention to the electric scooter were made within the initial publications of Popular Mechanics.

The above mentioned credits were amongst the very first in the history and formation of electric scooter. The initial part of the 1920’s saw Ransomes creating an electric cycle which a French corporation, the Applications Electro Mecaniques followed. They created what they called Electrocyclette during 1927. However it was actually more like a trike as compared to a scooter as it had a single in the back area & 2 wheels in the front area.

The period of World War 2 saw a huge shortage in gas since most of the fuel was consumed in huge amounts during the war period. As a result, most of the persons tried fixing this situation by looking to create a substitute to the use of gas for travel purposes.

During this period, Earle Williams, an inventor looked to transform a fuel operated cycle into an electric cycle. His design was called as the Par-Car & was created by the Company named Marketeer. The countries in the Europe started developing their personal versions by creating 400 vehicles that ran on the battery. All these mopeds were created by a European firm called as Socovel.

Several advances in the history of electric scooter were made in the 60’s & the 70’s. During these times, a battery firm known as the Union Carbide created alkali fuel cell that was planned to be used in the electric motor.

Also, during this time there was a creation of street legal e-machines. In the electric scooter history, this was the first time when people saw huge amounts of electric auto-mobiles being utilized on the roads.


Ed Rannberg, the founder of Eyeball Engineering, in 1988 tested his electrical drag motor bike at Bonneville. In the year 1992, in the January print of Cycle World there was an about Ed Rannberg’s e-bike known as the KawaSHOCKI, which was able to reach 0.25 miles which is around 400 m) inside 11 to 12 sec.

In the year 1996, the very first mass produced e-scooter, which was called as Peugeot Scoot’ Elec, was launched which utilized Nickel-Cadmium battery.

In August 26, 2000, Killa-cycle created a drag-racing world record of finishing 400 m (a quarter mile) in 9.450sec onto the Wood-burn way in Oregon.

In the year 2010, ElectroCat, created by Eva Håkansson,climbed the Pikes Peak inside the record time of 16min 55.8 sec. It was ridden by John Scollon.

In June 26 ,2011 the record of ElectroCat’s was broken by Chip Yates at the Pikes Peak. He finished the course within 12min 50.09 sec.

On June 30th 2013, Carlin Dunne who drove a Lighting Motorcycles manufactured e-bike defeated the traditional motor bikes at the Pikes Peak. The rider finished at 10min 00.6 sec.