How Fast an Electric Bike Can Go?

The speed of an electric bike is known to vary based on several different factors. With no pedaling, for example, the law within the U.S. restricts the speed of electric bike to 20 mph or less, whereas in places such as Canada they allow 21 mph. This is to ensure that riders don’t require insurance, a license, or special safety gear to ride an electric bike in most states and even countries.

Most electric bikes are limited up to 20 mph by their manufacturers, however the actual speed that can be achieved by an electric bike may vary depending on the riders weight, the local terrain and also the road conditions. Lightweight riders are more than likely to gain higher top speeds than heavier ones, and you are far more likely to achieve faster speeds on flat terrain than going uphill.

Prodeco V3 Electric Bike
Prodeco V3 Electric Bike can reach 20 MPH

There are an abundance of electric bike kits available that are capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 mph, nevertheless there are also electric mountain bikes (with no kit) that can reach 50 mph, such as The Bomber, with the fastest electric bike being ‘Liveforphysic’s “Death Bike”with an astonishing 80 mph. This is certainly an incredible achievement when placed in comparison with the fastest electric scooter being ‘The Rover’, which can achieve up to 35 mph.

The Bomber Electric Bike
The Bomber Electric Bike has Top Speed of 50 MPH

A fast electric bike can sound very desirable but remember these speeds aren’t always recommended for the average rider and it’s highly recommended that extra safety precautions are taken when trying to achieve these higher speeds, and that goes for any type of fast electric scooter too.

Consideration is Important

Many individuals are constantly trying to get their hands on the highest powered electric bike available.

However instead of just considering the highest attainable speed, it’s important that you should also consider the performance aspect of the bike.

Take up hill performance and even battling headwinds into consideration when you look into the acceleration performance of a particular bike.

You should choose an electric bike that is capable of maintaining a constant speed all the time, regardless of the outdoor conditions.

You should expect to be able to climb moderate hills with ease. An electric bike should successfully be able to eliminate the fear of hills that often prevent many individuals from riding conventional bikes.

Video, showing ‘Liveforphysic’s Death Bike

Let’s Investigate

The demand for faster electric bikes is best demonstrated by the evolution of “BMC Motors” (British Motor Company) over the past couple of years:

400W V1: A motor that was geared internally that has fantastic for its hill climbing ability. The V1 allows the rider to pedal moderately, as they would on the flats, and still be able to climb up hill with minimal effort. This is a fantastic motor and is still very popular today.

600W V2: This popular motor is for individuals that are looking for high speed or torque. This high speed motor is able to produce speeds of over 28 mph.

1000W V3: Big and fast motors are great, however they come with one downfall. They require a large battery to take advantage of the motors extra power. Big batteries unfortunately don’t come cheap and can be rather heavy. Nevertheless most batteries sadly don’t last as long as normal sized ones due to them sending out high currents that are needed to run these high powered motors.

Remember, when taking on a high powered electric bike, take into consideration additional protection and also the law.

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