How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike – The Only Guide You Need

Introduction To Mountain Biking (MTB)

No one can deny the fact that mountain biking is a thrill-filled way to explore outdoors, stay in great shape and have good fun at the same time. While it’s undoubtedly fun to be racing down a mountain, however, it’s not without few dangerous circumstances.

But, if few basic safety measures are taken care, mountain biking can be enjoyed by anyone without any worries or fear.

Different Styles of Mountain Biking

Downhill, free riding and cross-country could be the three best different styles how the Mountain Biking could be characterized. Though the styles look the same but still require the skills accordingly per the style of Riding.

What are Best Locations for MTB?

One could think the mountain biking as biking on an unpaved surface. North America has specific areas meant for mountain biking. Before getting into any trail of mountain biking, one should always check with the local park to accumulate the ideas of the routes, regulation and importantly to understand the rules might be followed.

There are groups who conduct the mountain bike ride and also do the competitions. You might find the details over the internet or in the local paper to understand the availability of these groups.

Also, you would be able to see the data of these groups if they can conduct any riding for the most advanced riders and beginners as well.

Secrets to Becoming an Amazing Mountain Bike Rider

Without the endurance and stamina, one can never become a great mountain biker.

Again, ambition and practice are the keys to succeeding and conquer the course. Needs time and practice to master the riding like any other sport. Beginners need to come out of the fear of falling off the bike and must get used to it.

Choosing Your MTB

Based on the nature of riding, it will be a personal choice to choose a bike. With the huge variety of the bikes with the style, shape, and price, it isn’t an easy task to select the bike for any rider.

Somehow, the internet helps you to conclude and decide the best MTB bike you would like to buy. You will be able to look into the varieties and compare the price before you purchase it.

Ask for a mountain bike trial riding to understand the comfort, how does it fit your riding and also to know the gear.

To be a great mountain biker, you must own your bike.

Vital Safety Tips

As mentioned earlier, mountain bike riding on unpaved roads is never out of danger. Never try riding without a helmet, knee and elbow pads. When following a group or riding in the woods area always have the pair of goggles as well. Personal safety should be peak priority and can never be ignored.

Mountain Bike Buyers Guide

MTB Buying Guide
Choosing the mountain bike depends on what is your goal. You may not need a full suspension downhill machine with 4-inch travel on the forks and a fully articulated rear end with damping and rebound control if you are going for a nice leisurely ride on the canal path or a ride in the woods with the dog.

Get Started with Your Hunt

Choose the big tread tires bike if you want to go for an easy ride in the park as you do not need to spend too much. If trying for rough stuff by the bike with a suspension facility, probably the Shimano gears and V-brakes. Check for the different manufacturers. With your budget,decide on rest of the MTB components.

Visit the local bike shop and also, the big sports to get an idea on what they’ve got to offer.

Check if the online marketplace the better offers for you and it may be cost effective as well.

The Detailed Inspection and Analysis

You will need a lighter bike with suspension forks when you need a bit more adventurous ride. It could be more off-road, more forest tracks and dry boulder river bends. All your extra enjoyment and adventure comes with the cost, but it will be a worth investment.

With the lighter bike, mountain biking will be much sportier handling and will be easier to struggle up the hills before you come flying with fun the other side.

The components again will be Shimano and the quality will be according to your budget. You will all be set to take the hills with the V-brakes and Rapid-fire gear shifters, along with Shimano chainset, bottom bracket, and headset, handlebars, stem and seat pin should be alloy and along with a comfortable saddle.

MTB Ladders and Frames

Mountain bike ladder for racing will be the next step. You can surf the manufacturers sites along with the shop sites to have a better view of the bikes with the features explained in detail. Visit the top manufacturers Trek, Giant, Specialized and Cannondale companies with the price range.

These companies make the nicest frames with the best mountain bike parts available at the cost, gears will be either Shimano or SRAM, brakes could be V-brakes or cable disc brakes, both are excellent and light, most of the other MTB parts, of course, will be Shimano and as usual get the best you can afford. There are many combinations of hubs and rims to make up your wheels; hubs from Shimano and rims

There are many combinations of hubs and rims to make up your wheels; hubs from Shimano and rims from Mavic are the usual mix. Then you have to choose which suspension forks to put on your bike. You may not get a choice, depending on which bike you buy, the main ones are Suntour, Marzocchi, Manitou, Fox, RockShox, and RST. You will not be wrong if you buy from any of these.

More Budget – More Options

For the professionals ride, you will have to pay a lot of money to buy a professional MTB. You can specify your dream bike with the range that you can afford. You can spend your money on the top bike frames on Klien, Scott, Rocky Mountain, Gary Fisher, Santa Cruz and K2. These are the top most companies recognized worldwide and could envy your friends. The best forks to put on your frame would be probably RockShox’s.

Being light will do all the things you need with control of all functions. There are many other companies also to consider. Look at how much travel they have and the rebound and damping systems.

Gears again will be either SRAM or Shimano Rapid fire, XT or XTR, more money could be spent on carbon or very light alloy cranks, the brakes should be hydraulic discs from Hayes, Pace or Magura or stick to the trusted V-bakes. Wheels from Shimano or Mavic or some fancy carbon wheels. Keep in mind they will have to take a lot of punishment, so maybe better to go for reliability over light weight expense as it is the matter of personal safety.

Carbon handlebars, stem and seat pin and a light weight race saddle and Time or Shimano SPD clip fewer pedals. Your choice of tires will depend on what terrain and ground conditions you are going to ride on.

How About Downhill Biking?

Downhill bikes are similar to the cross country motorbike but with no engine. Comes with the low center of gravity and a lot of travel on the suspension on the forks and the rear end, disc brakes, wide rims and fat tires, gears are only at the back as usually a single chain set is used.

The downhill bikes are massive to get up the hill without the utilization of a tow rope or a ski lift. Hence, it is not advised to buy these bikes unless you are going to do a lot of downhill racing because you need to climb the hill first before you can come down. Again light weight is not an issue with downhill bikes.

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What Mountain Bike Accessories Are Important?

Mountain Bike Accessories
Beginners will be very enthusiastic to visit the bicycling store and will be eager to purchase their first bike. Keep in mind the reviews and check out for the different accessories and bikes. Check for the offers as well which could be very attractive and might divert your attention as well.

It is always advisable to set a budget for yourself to buy the other accessories and products for your mountain bike. Do not get overwhelmed with the advice of sales people as you might get ended up with buying the accessories you may not necessarily need. Be sure on the accessories you need for the safe journey of your mountain biking. Few of the very essential accessories for mountain biking are referred below.

Helmet is the First Thing You Will Buy

The helmet is the most important accessory for the mountain biking. Without the helmet never ride a bike. History shows many serious head injuries just because the riders did ignore the helmet. There is no reason to deny wearing the helmet as they are very stylish and comfortable. You would see that the bike riders are always wearing a bike helmet.


The other important accessories on your safety are the gloves. You might feel irritated with the tightness of the gloves but if you happen to fall while riding your hands are the first part of your body to get in touch with the ground and wearing gloves will protect your hands with less injury or no injury and the journey could get continued.


One can enjoy the mountain biking with the regular wear but may feel uncomforted while cycling. Hence, till the body gets used to the mountain riding, mountain bike shorts will help the rider to move on with ease.

Get a Good MTB Shoes

Shoes are the other essential accessories to protect legs with the actual grip and for more efficient pedaling. Choose your shoes per the pedals of the bike and the type of riding you will perform. If the pedals of your bike are to be the clip fewer ones, you should be choosing the right mountain bike shoes (Amazon Link)  that are apt for such pedals. Comfort and durability are the main goals in mountain bike ride.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Eyes

While riding, an immediate brake as something getting into your eyes may disturb your riding to a hazardous stage. Hence, it is equally important to protect your eyes from dirt, wind and debris.

Choose clear lens protective glasses or sunglasses. Choose the non-breakable glasses for the maximum utilization.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping your energy levels to a great extent is equally important in the mountain bike riding. Carry a water hydration backpack or water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. This helps to have energy and stamina.

Keep a Bike Repair Kit

You must have an idea about the small repairs you might come across while riding. If not you might end up getting stuck halfway while riding. To avoid such mess up need to have a bike-repair multi-tool, a patch kit for flat tires and tire levers.

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Essential Skills For MTB – Mountain Biking

We know that the practice makes anybody perfect. Practices with the techniques are much more efficient. This article will help you become a better biker. Read the instructions mentioned cautiously.

A rider who enjoys riding will enjoy the mountain biking as well. Though it is more dangerous and adrenaline inducing, fun and challenging as well to ride the dirt trails.

You can sharpen your riding skills; you can practice the same at school, bike paths or a park even.

Find a place with a steep hill so you can practice at the slant area.

Feeling the Pedals

You want to get a feel for your pedals before you take off down a mountain. To be confidant on the grip on the pedals. You first want to be able to move your foot away from the pedal and then replace it back on the pedal. This will take some practice to get good at, but once you master this, then you will be on your way to feeling your pedals and having more control.

Learn to Sit and Spin

Sit on your bike and only pedal around. Keep your arms a little bent and adjust the height of your seat to make sure that your legs are at least 70% extended when you pedal at the bottom stroke. Relax your body, so that your knees and elbows are never locked. This will enable to you feel the right position so that you will know if you are not riding correctly.

Shift the Gears

Learning on how to shift the gears on your bike will help you make your ride competitive and fun. A higher gear will make you go quick, but you might feel it difficult to pedal. The lower gear makes the pedaling easy and is also helpful while climbing the hill. Practice the shifting of gears so it will help you in most efficient mountain bike riding.


Coasting is great fun. You can practice coasting while standing up on your pedals. Keep your knees unlocked and your arms bent. Learn how to move your weight toward to back of your bike and get a feel for it.

Stand and Pedal (Be Safe Though)

With both the high and low gears, practice the comfort of standing and pedaling on your bicycle. Try practicing to get up from the seat while riding also try cranking pedals around.

Dropping Down

Find a control point while riding which could help you to get to the top. With a better speed, stand and coast from top to the bottom of the point. Practice the same unless you feel the comfort.

With all the above instructions, you will be able to ride the mountain trails with more confidence.

Dedicated practice can make you reach the goal of mountain biking with the comfort and confidence.

Mountain Biking – Is it a Natural Talent or an Achievable Skill?

MTB Buying Skills
With the investments of purchasing the bike and all the related accessories, you might get the advice from the teacher for the sport to be perfected. The teacher will give you all the guidance about the mountain biking and will make you aware of the difficulties of learning this sport and also will help you overcome these.

Without the patience and techniques of riding, one will never be able to be a mountain rider. This is a sport that can be mastered by the practice. Few of the beginners will regret on buying the mountain bike, but they need to understand the difficulties in learning this sport.

Mountain biking could be achieved with practice and strong will.

The mountain biker needs to have a good amount of money as well to upgrade his bike promptly.

Mountain biking may be a talent but it can be achieved with patience, focus, and will. Those who want to take up this sport have to be ready to face frustrations as well as injuries.

Mountain biking can be learned

The first step of learning the mountain biking is to prepare your mind to cope with the difficulties while learning. If you decide that you will learn what is taught to you and practice to perfect the skill in spite of falls or injuries, you can learn mountain biking. Never be disheartened and keep trying and practicing.

You can very well start riding around the corner on pavements and then take a step further by riding on hills and keep exploring new trails. It is a very good idea to hire a trainer to teach you this sport.

Hire a Good Trainer

Find a trainer who can answer your questions to your satisfaction. To be a decent rider get the guidance on how much of a dedicated time you need to practice.

Gather as much information as possible on the mountain biking lessons as it helps you arrange the accessories and equipment. This also helps you in controlling your expenses as a beginner.

Visit the local community centers which have trainers who can teach mountain biking and they will check and arrange for individuals who can help you in your endeavor to learn mountain biking. This should help you since people can share their experiences with you as well as give details on whether a particular trainer, or bike or gear is worth the investment.