Hummer XL Folding Titan 4 Electric Mobility Scooter – Our Review

Technology has turned into a boon or blessing for physically challenged people by making available various types of mobility scooters.

For those who wish to roam around on their own and travel to the locations they want to, Hummer XL Titan Electric Mobility Scooter could be of great help. It not only offers a comfortable ride but comes with many of the useful, utility features.

However, is this product is the right one for your needs? Does it meet your specific requirements? Our team came up with a detailed review to cover most important aspects of Hummer mobility scooter to help you with your hunt for the right product and subsequent decision. Meanwhile, you can always check our mobility scooter comparison chart on the website.

In-Depth Review of Hummer XL Folding 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter Tzora Titan 4


Dual Benefits: This is a well-built scooter to go around the paved paths. You can also drive it to the grassy area at a slow speed. It runs smooth over the uneven ground and kerbs as well in slow speed and inclines on roads are not a problem.

Terrain : All terrain              Top Speed : 6.8 MPH                Range: 15.5 Miles per charge

Seating arrangement : Seating is comfortable and offers ample space for you.

The scooter comes with the reliable battery system. The headlamp is bright and illuminates the road ahead of the scooter and the sidewalk as well with bright light. With this, the vehicle is good to take for a ride at night as well.

Core Design: There has been a lot of talk about this model, and most of the current users (we cross verified leading online reviews) are very pleased with the design of the scooter and are happy with the performance. They say that it has become a part of their routine. A sturdy basket at the back of the seat helps to carry things you wanted (however, please double check if the basket comes along with the product or you need to buy it separately).

Convenience Factor: You can fold the scooter and take it in a car and enjoy the drive upon reaching the place. The scooter is majorly designed for the side paths and indoor driving. There is no license required unless you are driving it on the road. The scooter was developed in Israel and is manufactured in China.

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Key Features

Hummer XL Titan can take the rider’s weight up to 300 LBS. it has got large tyres with full suspension. The seat is 22″ Wide Com-Fort-Fit seat with Memory Foam. It has got the adequate lighting system. Talking about driving range, you can expect a driving distance of 15.5 miles per charge. Top speed of the vehicle is 6.8 MPH.

The speed of the vehicle can be adjusted with a knob, provided at the centre of the control panel. There are levers for forward and reverse. The battery life is good and can longer long.The Hummer-XL battery packs are located at the back over the rear wheels and can be easily removed by just lifting them up. The scooter has indicators for right and left turn signalling.

The lighting system includes rear tail lights, front headlight, front running lights and even reverse tail lights. The tyres are air filled with 45 PSI.

Specifications of Hummer XL Titan

Carrying Capacity300 lbs
Range 15.5 Miles / 23 Km
Electronic BrakesYes
Speed6.8 MPH / 12 KPH

The scooter comes with the following

  • Turtle / Rabbit Quick Flip Speed Switch
  • Battery Gage Indicator
  • Adjustable Tiller Lever
  • Halogen Head Light
  • Status Indicator LED
  • Hazard Lights
  • Throttle
  • Durable Rubber & Neoprene Hand Grip
  • High-Frequency Horn
  • Full-Range Speed Adjustment Dial
  • Full Light Package Controls
  • Keyed Ignition

Every part of the scooter is designed for a particular purpose and benefit of the user. The scooter could be used in the rain as well however you should avoid exposing the scooter to excessive moisture to avoid damage to the electronic parts. You can use the scooter in the shopping malls as well as they have sufficient significant space available to turn the scooter around.

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  • Easy to manage on all sorts of roads and areas
  • Complete value for the money you would be spending
  • Comfortable to drive at the night as well with the reliable lighting system


  • Due to the turning radius length may not be comfortable to roam in the tiny kitchen or small rooms
  • Pricey

Wrapping Up

Hummer Titan 4 Electric Mobility Scooter is a great piece of engineering and carefully designed for helping physically challenged people. It can make life much better and convenient. Though it’s little pricey, well justifies it.