Kent Thruster v/s Gravity Shimano Suntour Mountain Bikes – Face-off and Review Results

When it comes to shopping for mountain bikes, there are hundreds of options: some are excellent choices, and some are disasters waiting to happen. Even more so, the advanced bike owner may be ideal for one bike and terrible for another. The same goes for someone who is shopping for a first bike.

The important thing is to do the research and ensure you are an informed shopper. How light or heavy is the bike? How many speeds does it have? Will it fall apart if it suffers a little too much concussion? What is the composite material? Do I like or tolerate the colour? Is it in my price range? It is so incredibly vital to find out all the information to make the right decision.

A bike is a longtime decision, and the right or wrong bike can make all the difference in the ride. The two bikes in this article are some great choices: The 2016 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Mountain Bike and the Kent Thruster T-29 29er Mountain Bike.

If you use the bike for commuting or often find yourself lifting and lugging your bike up stairs or onto cars or trailers, weight is a huge factor to consider. Both these bikes are aluminium frames, which makes the frames themselves enough light.

The Thruster bike is heat-treated aluminium, whereas the Gravity is hydroformed. Both are still approximately the same weight. Experienced bikers seem to have preferences as to which will be a stronger, sturdier frame. Amazon’s shipping weights are a good indication of how heavy the bikes will be: Gravity is 35 pounds, and the Thruster is 44.6 pounds.

As far as size goes, the Gravity bike has four sizes available: 15”, 17”, 19”, and 21”. The Thruster only has one size. Thruster’s T-29er fits the average of the population, 5’6” to 6’, so if you are taller than 6’, look to the Gravity. Its large/extra-large model is ideal for those taller than 6’.

Having a bike that fits your legs and frame is going to make the ride more comfortable and durable for long distances, be it a ride through town or the backcountry. Both suggest a minimum 2” clearance from your undercarriage in a stand over a test.

Gravity Shimano Suntour Mountain Bike

If colour is important to you as a buyer, the Thruster stock colour is white with grey layover/graphics. The Gravity comes in four colours: black, grey, white, and yellow. Now, any bike can be painted quickly and low-cost (I highly recommend hiring a professional to prevent the bike from being painted improperly and rusting) so this can be rectified on the right bike! Thruster’s T-29er seems to have some art involving tire treads and incorporating the model name. Gravity’s is simply a solid colour with the brand name.

Kent Thruster

Gravity’s bike is 24-speed, and Thruster’s is 21-speed. Each bike is quite capable of handling the same rugged terrain, but Gravity’s bike offers more ability to handle speed in the process. Both bikes brag equal ease of assembly and disassembly, but both recommend being inspected by a professional to make sure they have been assembled properly––at least initially.

Overall, each of these bikes is available through Amazon and Amazon Prime. Each of these bikes is a great investment in a great ride for durability, speed, and support. Essentially, these bikes are equal. The choice is ultimately yours! Happy trails!