Kids Love it – Mini Micro 3 in 1 Scooter (Full Review)

Welcome to another review post !

In this post, we are exploring one of the most adored (by kids) kids electric scooter – Mini Micro 3-in-1 Scooter. By the way, this is NOT an electric scooter. We have picked up this product for review because we felt that, this model has that ‘unique’ thing which would be surely loved by our readers.

Excited? Hang on here.

History of Quality

Mini Micro 3 in scooter is enhanced version of the original Mini scooter which is extremely popular since 2009 to till date. It comes from a known brand , Micro Scooter.

Being a 3-in-1 scooter, this model offers excellent flexibility for using it in different ways , which adds to fun quotient to kids.

Kids from 1 to 5 years can enjoy the smooth ride of Mini Micro 3 in 1 scooter.

So, let’s deep dive into the features and specifications of the products straight away.

Notable Features

3 in 1, that’s the feature which sets this scooter apart from others. Take a look at the picture below and you will know what it is.

3 in 1 feature – Seat, O-Bar and T-Bar attachments

This product comes with three different attachments like Seat, O-bar and T-bar. Each of these modes can be used based on kid’s age. Since this model combines multiple options into single unit, it actually saves your money too, especially if you have more than 1 kid. They all can use the same scooter,  setting it in different modes according to their age !

3 wheels kick board design with lower ground clearance provides very good stability which is important factor when it comes to kid’s safety while using the unit.

Built tough in quality, sleek in design , being light in weight and easy steering makes this Mini Micro scooter fun to ride.

A great contributor for the kids learning ability, allowing them to figure out how to balance themselves while enjoying the ride.

Mini Micro can be used indoors as the wheel doesn’t leave any marks on the floor.

Now, let’s examine each of the usage modes/settings of the scooter and find out how they differ from each other,

1. Scooter with O-bar and Seat attachment

Oval bar and seat attachment can be used for kids between 1 -2 years. In this setting, seat can be adjusted to 2 height settings as 9” for ages 1+ and 12” for ages 2+ years.

Letting your kid enjoy this scooter would not only make him/her happy but also enables the kid to learn techniques to move forward the scooter by his/her  own.

It’s very important that you make sure, your kid wear cloths that covers his/her hands and legs completely before using the scooter. Put shoes,  knee pad for better safety.

Always be around your kid while kid using the scooter.

In some models, a small container/basket is provided where your kid can keep his/her favourite toy or a water/milk bottle.

2. Scooter with O-Bar (Oval bar) attachment

The O-bar setting is a true delight to kids above 2 years. Be it inside of your house, or outdoors, a fun-filled ride is what your kid can expect from this particular setting of the scooter.

3. Scooter with T-Bar attachment

For kids who are older than 3 years, the T-bar mode appeals a lot. Since the kids of this age have better energy and grip than infants, they can enjoy riding on the scooter using the T-bar mode.

What makes the Mini Micro 3-1, a Winner?

The main unique advantage of Mini Micro 3 in 1 Scooter is , you get multiple benefits for the price of one. You don’t have to spend more money on procuring accessories or attachments again. The scooter has it all.

Kids between 1-5 years can use the same scooter.

Got kids more than 5 years? There is Maxi Micro for you , which is designed for kids aged between 6 to 12 years.

The design of the scooter consists of two PU 120 mm front wheels and 80 mm rear wheel with a strong flexible chassis with low ground clearance for smooth and safer ride with great stability.

T-bar comes with maximum adjustable height of 24” from deck which is detachable.It can take maximum load of 44 lbs.

6 colour choices are available. Pink, Blue, Aqua, Red, Black, Green.

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Technical Specifications

Suitable for Age1 to 5 Years
Maximum weight capacity44 lbs
Wheels size120mm front wheels, 80mm rear wheel
Length/width of standing deck12*4.5″
Length/width of scooter21*4.5″
Height24″ from deck
Color Choice6 colors available

See Full User Reviews, Ratings and Price on Amazon


3-in-1 feature is biggest highlight of this product and the quality of materials used in design is quite good, making the unit very sturdy. This product can delight your kid and your pockets too !