Landyachtz Longboard Switch 40 Inch – A Complete Review

Longboarding is a popular extreme sport, derived from surfing and skateboarding. Especially, since the start of skateboarding, it is immensely rising in popularity and has developed into a sport of its own. However, for beginners, buying a first longboard can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of options in the market that can paralyze them with surprise or compel them to take an incorrect decision. Therefore, today, we are going to review ‘Landyachtz Longboard Complete Switch 40 Inch’. It is a basic, but professional starter longboard you can’t go wrong with.

Before we get deep into the features of Landyachtz Switch 40 Longboard, it is imperative to perceive a few specific things. Without comprehending them, it would be tough to opt for the right one.

What’s Your Style?

When it comes to longboarding, personal preferences are what matters the most. For example, are you planning for leisurely strolls or wish to learn few tricks (freeride)? Is it going to be used for transportation or speed down steep?

Longboard Specifications

Almost all the longboards are consist of 3 key parts; the deck, the truck, and the wheels. All these factors decide the final performance of the board. Moreover, the length of the board matters too. It can range from 30” to 45”. According to experts, the longer the deck is the better. It will be more stable & faster.

Wheels Quality

While opting for the first longboard, most people focus on the colors of the wheel or smoothness of it for free, fast ride. But, in reality, wheels are of different types. The general rule is the heavier the rider, the harder the wheels should be.

We assessed Landyachtz Longboard on these key factors. We knew that they determine the stability, grip, and comfort of the rider.

Luckily, Landyachtz Switch 40 manufacturers transcended our expectations!

The features and specifications of this longboard are quite exceptional. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro; they are designed to make longboarding faster, easier, budget-friendly, and full of fun.

They suit your purpose significantly and take you into the world of imagination too.

Landyachtz Longboard Switch 40 Inch – Detailed Review

The overall design and quality of this longboard catch the attention when you use it.

Landyachtz Switch 40

It is one of the earlier boards from the SWITCH lineup. With nearly 20 years in the game, Landyachtz Company perceived they have to develop something which can rise above the heads and shoulders of their competitors.

And, they’re rather successful in it.

That’s why this longboard has gotten a place in customers’ heart too. With vibrant colors and sleek design, it looks attention-grabbing and gleans all the compliments. Particularly, the graphics work on this longboard is insane. It gives this board an utterly innovative look.

You look into the mystical eyes of the owl and get hypnotized by the awesomeness of it.

It has a dropped platform, which makes it stable even on the rough terrains. Don’t go on its first look; you may think it is thin-skinned against rough surfaces. In reality, it is very stable and easy to push. The best thing is the material is 40-inch maple. Therefore, your feet are locked in their place. You don’t bounce or get slippery on rough tracks.

Other than that, it is a top mounted longboard. Its trucks are mounted near the nose and tail. In case you don’t know about ‘trucks’, they are the metal t-shaped pieces, which are attached to the wheels. They are mounted underside the longboard.

Without trucks, a longboard is incomplete.

They determine how your board rides in terms of stability and response. Therefore, professional riders immensely focus on them. They believe the ultimate combination of trucks and the wheels decide the true value of the board.

  • If the trucks are wider, it means they are more stable, but with slower turning.
  • If the trucks are thinner, it means they are less stable, but with quicker turning.

The Landyachtz Switch 40 has used Bear Grizzly 852 Longboard Trucks. They are known as one of the most versatile trucks on the market. They are a great option for almost any setup out there. From cruising to the bombing, slides to anything else, they can handle almost every move with efficacy.

Our longboard reviewers have indeed verified their worth too.

According to them, these trucks are indeed so responsive, but they are specifically for those who are more interested in downhill and higher-speed shredding. In other words, you can perform all the tricky moves on them, while relishing thrilling, quick ride on the road.

Lastly, and most importantly, this longboard has Mini Monster 82a wheels that make sliding a breeze. They are one of the most used racing wheels in the racing circuit. Experts often recommend them for sharp turns and drifting.

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Specifications & Features

  • Dimensions of Landyachtz Longboard are 40 X 9.65 X 31.8 inches.
  • It is from one of the most popular lines of Landyachtz – SWITCH.
  • The aggressive drop deck profile lowers center of gravity to offer maximum control.
  • Landyachtz has introduced Bear Grizzly 852 Longboard Trucks.
  • Mini Monster 82a wheels are perfect for fast rides and sharp turns.
  • It is a 40-inch maple board with a proper nose and tail.
  • The maple material keeps this board super stiff and stable in the long run.
  • Its High W concave provides a firm grip that sucks your feet into it for turns and slides.
  • It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or pro; it is for all levels, skills, and abilities.
  • Fortunately, Landyachtz Longboard is available for international shipping too.

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Okay, so what type of adventures and fun people are having with Landyatch longboard? Well, here is a cool video by Jacob Suskind

Concluding Thoughts – Is Landyachtz Switch 40 Worth Your Bucks?

Our first impression: Awesome!

Landyachtz Longboard Complete Switch truly deserves A++ ratings. It is an amazing long distance pushing board. No matter what type of riding you are into, it is developed to deliver thrilling, heart-pumping, and an adrenaline-packed experience. If you are looking to polish technical skills for professional circuit races, you won’t get anything better than this.

We promise!

So, get Landyachtz Longboard Complete Switch today.

It is faster than your wildest dreams!