Pulse Performance Products Sonic XL Electric Scooter – Review

With their successful history of delivering products that serve the best companion in kids’ adventures, Pulse Performance has taken its game to a whole new level with their Sonic XL Scooter. Built with excellent features, that when put together with the eminent aspects, the scooter delivers the best utility for your kids. The Sonic XL Electric Scooter has been designed with the aim to serve riders of all levels and abilities. The scooter is highly easy to assemble and comes in a unisex colour.

Here’s is an in-depth review of the Pulse Performance Products Sonic XL Electric Scooter to enable you to make a well-versed decision before spending your money!

Detailed Review of Pulse Performance Products Sonic XL Electric Scooter

Key Features

The Sonic XL Electric Scooter is an invention which knocks out all the previous inventions out of the park. The scooter features a heavy-duty steel construction with a raw power of 200 watts. Measuring over 27 inches in length, the scooter can be speeded up to 13 mph and can support a kid, teen, or adult rider (of and above the age of 13 years) of up to 150 lbs.

The scooter works on a 24V (inputted as two 12V batteries) sealed lead acid battery. The battery is rechargeable and the scooter can be used for an approximate time frame of 40 minutes in one charge. An LED indicator has been inserted to signify the charging needs. A charger unit is also included with the scooter.

The features are further bettered by the Instant Throttle Response which permits quick acceleration and complete user-control, comfortable handle bars, twist-grip throttle, rubber tires which are air-filled, an oversized two piece deck surface enabling comfortable foot space and better control, a hand operated front brake, and a chain driven motor system.

Details and Specifications of Pulse Performance Products Sonic XL Electric Scooter

  • Weight and Dimensions: The Sonic XL Electric Scooter weighs 39.2 pounds which is lighter than most of its contemporary inventions and can support a rider of up to 150 lbs.
  • Created in: The RX 200 has been built and developed in China.
  • Domestic Shipping: The scooter can be shipped anywhere within the United States of America.
  • International Shipping: Sonic XL Electric Scooter is not eligible for shipping outside of the United States Borders.
  • Batteries: Two 12V non-standard sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries.
  • Motor: 200-watt chain driven motor
  • Tire specifications: puncture-free front tire. Pneumatic rear tire inclusive of ABEC-5 bearings that enable a smooth and convenient ride.

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Pros and Cons of Pulse Performance Products Sonic XL Electric Scooter


  • Up to 40 minutes of ride with a single charge.
  • Easily rechargeable batteries.
  • Over-sized deck surface for comfortable foot space.
  • A chain driven motor system of 200 watt.


  • Hand operated front break might not be sufficient in rough terrains.
  • No rear brake.
  • Not suitable for long-time adventures. Will only run for just about 40 minutes with a single charge.
  • The product needs to be assembled by the user. Hence, any careless or lack of knowledge may result in an accident.

See Full User Reviews,Ratings and Price On Amazon

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend that you purchase this model is you’re thinking of investing money in a yielding product for your kid. The excellent features combined with high utility make the Sonic XL Electric Scooter a must have. It’s safe, comfortable, and offers multiple options to the rider for a controlled ride. What more can you ask for?