Razor Flash Rider 360 TriCycle Review – Thrill Need not be an Expensive Affair

We are back with another post and in today’s review of Razor Flash Rider 360 TryCycle, we are going to explore lots of things about the product and understand why is it adored by kids. Being a non-electric vehicle, Razor Flash Rider pumps in lots of expectations in that segment. However, does it meet the expectations? Let’s jump right into the meat of the review.

Razor Flash Rider 360 is a modern version of old three-wheeler that was a huge success in the late 1990s. This isn’t a simple tricycle; many changes make it modern.

Old three wheelers weren’t designed to move 360 degrees but by adding the latest design with the old model, Razor has come up with a masterpiece.

Detailed Review of Razor Flash Rider 360 Tricycle

First things first, this new three wheeler is fun to ride and it is the right choice for kids who are still learning the whole vehicle steering. This 360 rider is capable of drifting and turning, which was made possible with the help of inclined caster wheels. Kids can spin and spark which is a fun activity and at the same time helps in their muscle growth.

This fantastic piece of art is recommended for kids who are 160 pounds or less. Razor is a well-established company delivering quality products to the customers. Every product that they make goes through a variety of safety checks; this product was also designed keeping safety and overall health of a child in consideration.

It doesn’t take many efforts to get started, all you need to do is basic assembly and the new Razor Flash Rider 360 is ready to go. It is made with the help of three major components, plastic, steel, and rubber. If you are worried that your kids are eating too much junk food and sitting at home all the time, this three-wheeler can help them exercise.

Razor Flash Rider 360 is full of surprises, a bucket seat, suitable incline position and low center of gravity. It has a stable position for pedaling and provide a smooth ride for the children. By putting the weight on the rotating caster, it becomes flashier than most three wheelers. If you are worried about your child getting hurt, then worry no more because there couldn’t be anything safer than this dual incline Wheeler.

Product Specifications

At first glance, it may look like a simple three wheeler but there is more to it than just simplicity. It is made of rubber, steel, and plastic to provide it better inclination. It is based on an award-winning concept that is best for turning and drifting. A welded steel fork and frame doesn’t put much strain on the body. The high impact front wheel and flat free tires help ride on smooth surfaces.

It comes with solid handlebars, double crown fork design, and three piece crank. There is a spark bar with changeable spark cartridge. This vehicle is recommended for kids of 6 years or up. The total dimension of this beautiful three wheeler is 24.5 x 25.75 x 40 inches, having 17-pound weight. It only requires minor assembly before getting started with it.

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Razor Flash Rider 360 Features

This new award winning cruiser is more innovative than you think. Apart from a safe and fun ride, a three-wheeler has to be light and easy to carry around. A heavy product could hurt your child, but with the light and durable design, rider 360 is ahead of its competition. Here are some of the features that most parents will like:

1. Inclined Caster Wheel: Besides having a compact and light design, dual inclined caster wheels are good on turns and spins. The spark bar is something that you only see on spark scooters. Kids simply enjoy moving it around as they race with other kids.

2. Easy to Control: This tricycle is easy to control because of the front wheel and flat free tires. It is easy to pedal because of a big wheel in front. The inclined caster wheels on the back help remove resistance which reduces the strain on the body. Your child can easily move it around without having to do heavy exercise.

3. Safety and Style: Thanks to the steel frame and MX style Handlebar, it does not lack in style department. As far as the safety is a concern, you don’t have to worry because it comes with handbrake and rubber grip that is friendly in emergencies.

4. Double Crown Fork: There is an excellent double crown fork that makes it durable and stable, especially when children ride it on regular smooth surfaces. It is simple and provides a relaxing sitting position that not many wheelers offer.

Want to take a quick look at this video by Razor?


Despite offering the substantial thrill and enjoyable experience, Razor 360 Flash Rider is pretty safe to operate, and parents appreciate this aspect. The frame makes it stable, and rubber grips that are perfect for little kids.

There is little assembly required before getting started, but since there is a manual available you won’t find it difficult. The design is among things that parents praise most; it is light, and kids can easily carry it around. It was also praised for usability and durability.

Apart from overall design, rider 360 is easy to spin and turn on little rough surfaces, but it is recommended to ride on smooth surfaces only. Among the plus points, the seating of this rider has gotten quite good remarks. The rider can comfortably sit and move around, so there is no danger of falling on turns and spins.


Exercise little caution about the spark that is generated by this vehicle. Because the vehicle is used by kids and keeping an eye on them while they play would usually beneficial.

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Our Verdict

Razor Flash Rider 360 is the best entertainment that kids can get. It is a great form of exercising material that helps build up their muscles. One of the good things about this bike is that both boys and girls can use it.

The wheels last long and sparks make it even best. Many similar products don’t come with spark and safety features which are a great thing that only Razor Company offers. The manufacturer has put a lot of thought into flash that is worth every cent. If you are looking for an electric variant that offers 360-degree spin, then you should check out some of the electric based power riders.