Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle Review – Unusual Design Steals the Show

Today we are reviewing Razor power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle. This bike is a blend of elegance and power in a single package. It is a great entertainment and doesn’t put much strain on the body. This unusual tricycle is for both boys and girls who weight under 120 pounds.

Detailed Review of Razor Power Rider 360 Tricycle

razor power rider 360 reviews

It is best suitable for kids who are 8 years old or under. It is capable of running for 40 minutes when the battery is charged. It comes with a powerful electric engine and very strong tires to support 120 pounds. The lead-acid chargeable battery can take 12 long hours to charge, but it gives enough time to enjoy. Besides protection for children, it also is suitable for 360-degree slides and spins.

Just a push of a button and your child is ready to turn it around. It can go up to 9 mph and with dual inclined caster wheels, no doubt it will last long. It has welded steel frame and moto style double fork design that is perfect for drifting, and rubber grips help move it freely. There aren’t many tricycles that offer such features under budget.

It is safe and durable enough to last for years. Manufacturers have balanced the bike so that it can take enough weight and the battery last longer. A lasting battery means no pedaling required, and even if your child is pedaling, it will be a great exercise.

Razor power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle is recommended for 8-year-old kids, but as long as your child is under 120 pounds, it is safe to ride on it. The tricycle is made of three major things; plastic, rubber, and steel so as long as you take care of sensitive parts, it will last for years. One of the things that distinguish it from other bikes is continuously 40 minutes no-peddle ride on battery.

Product Specifications

There is an extensive list of specifications that not many manufacturers offer. It is a push button tricycle, which means kids won’t have difficulty to understand how it works. There is a hand-operated a braking system that is perfect for emergencies.

This tricycle is capable of spinning and drifting on smooth surfaces. The best part that most kids like about this amazing work of art is the 40 minutes no-peddle ride, and even if the battery is empty kids can manually peddle it around as long as they want.

There is a specific speed limit which is 9 mph. This speed limit is kept so that kids don’t ride it fast and hurt themselves.

The total weight is 15 kg which is normal for a tricycle. It has a hi-impact front wheel that will not break easily. It also has folding foot pegs and the whole dimension of the product is 27″ x 10″ x 25″. It comes with a sealed battery and a power charger. You have to assemble some of the parts after purchasing, besides minor assembly, there is nothing much required to get started.

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Razor power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle Features

If you are looking for a one-time investment, then this tricycle is probably the best choice. Many features distinguish it from similar models. Besides providing a hassle-free ride on smooth surfaces, it also comes with safety features. Some of its top features are:

1. A speed of 9 mph

Many parents complain about how fast their kids are going, and they get hurt because of it, but this tricycle comes at just the perfect speed. A 9 mph speed is what an 8-year-old kid needs, it is neither too fast nor too slow. Parents can rest easy because their child can enjoy the ride rather than be racing with other kids.

2. Push Button Throttle

Only expensive models come with push button feature, but now it is available in a more affordable tricycle. It has a simple push button throttle that is easy to “full on” and “full off” instantly. If you purchase a complex machine, your child may not be able to understand what to do. Also, machines with a lot of buttons aren’t suitable for young kids.

3. Hand Operated Lever Brake

Razor power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle comes with a hand-operated brake that you can find in multi-cycles or push bikes. If your child already knows how to move a bike, this is something you should consider. It will be easy to operate since there’ll be a lever brake.

4. Drifting and Spinning

This is one of the main reasons that you should buy this tricycle because it can spin 360, which means more fun for kids. It gives better performance than regular products; this is where it excels most. There aren’t many machines in the market that provide drifting and spinning at such a reasonable price.

5. Rechargeable battery and powerful motor

This machine runs on a 12v battery which is rechargeable. It can move with a speed of 9 mph for about 40 minutes. The battery is powerful so that it won’t expire easily. The electric motor is one of the things that you must check before buying. If a motor is not good enough then it is possible that it won’t last long.

6. Steel Frame and Wheel system

Its outer body is made of steel. This guarantee the solidness and kids will find it easy to carry. It is easy to pack, and it comes with a manual that will help you assemble. The wheel system is made of light material, and it comes with inward tubes. Its light tires run tricycle smoothly, and the suspension framework is easy to handle. This makes it safe and convenient for kids.

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There are more pros than cons of this tricycle. One of the main things that parents like about this product is the tires. They are endurable and can last longer than similar products. Among its strong traits, there is hard solid steel that can carry enough weight.

The bike is easy to use, and the controls are manual, so kids don’t find it difficult to ride. Kids who can’t reach peddles can use the no-peddle system. The speed is just the right so that kids don’t get hurt while riding. It comes with safety features and top of all it is cheaper.


Every product comes with disadvantages, and you should consider these before buying. One of the things that can annoy you is it takes 12 hours to recharge this vehicle and only 40 minutes of use. The wheels are not suitable for rough areas; your child can get hurt.


Razor power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle has unusual, trendy design, and that is why it is suitable for kids. It only takes 10 minutes to get started, and parents don’t need to keep an eye can be very appealing to kids. The product is cheaper than many similar models and comes with luring features.

The only thing parents need to do is spend 15 minutes on minor assembling, and the tricycle is ready to go. It is an excellent, intelligent, and new enjoyment for children who are growing fast.