Review of Currie Technologies eZip Men’s Trail Electric BiCycle

We are back! And this time, with a review of an electric Bicycle made by Currie Technologies. The model we have handpicked today is eZip Men’s Trail Electric Bicycle.

An electric bicycle (or only, electric bike) appeals to many who expect a blend of convenience and speed. Added to that, e-bicycles offer similar benefits like any e-vehicle such as leaving no carbon footprint, resulting in environmental benefits.

This model from Currie Technologies is no different. Apart from offering excellent features, this vehicle boasts few exclusive features that are not present in any other vehicle in this category.

eZip Men’s Trail Electric Bicycle – A Detailed Review

Hybrid bike, what does that mean?

It just means, you can either choose the unit to run on electric power or you can pedal it yourself. To integrate this feature, the bicycle has a 450-watt DC Earth magnetic motor for running the bike on electricity and 7-speed pedal-powered Shimano drivetrain for allowing the rider to pedal the vehicle.

We felt this feature was practically very convenient, so that we can choose the method we want for riding the unit.

Impressive design suits young adults

Even in anybody’s case, imagine, they are going to nearby grocery shop or market, you want to pedal the cycle for burning few extra calories, eZip bicycle has that provision.

You don’t need to keep another regular bicycle for just for this manual pedalling purpose. That’s why it’s called as a hybrid bike.

Design & Technical Details

eZip looks very cool, however, doesn’t have an ‘over styled’ design, unlike a sports bicycle. Its design makes sure that you feel comfortable when you sit on it. Well-placed suspension fork ensures a good ride.

Tires are thick and provide excellent grip while you are on the road. The motor is less noisy.

Bicycle comes with a rechargeable battery which is mounted on the rear side of the cycle. Powerful 450 watt DC motor is responsible for pushing the vehicle forward when you choose electric drive mode.

Speed and Range

This bicycle reaches speeds up to 15 mph, which is not bad for an electrically powered bicycle. A fully charged battery allows you to ride the vehicle for 15-22 miles. Again, a thing about the battery, the vehicle has a provision of adding an optional second battery pack to double the range.

So, for people who needs a little more range, the additional battery comes very handily.

You can easily get bicycle batteries suitable for this model on Amazon.

That brings us to specifications of the eZip Men’s Trail Electric BiCycle

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Quick Specifications

Top Speed(mph)15 mph
Range (miles or minutes)15-22 miles per charge
Max Weight Capacity240 pounds
Suitable for AgeAdults

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Your Turn

eZip electric bicycle, being a hybrid bicycle (Twist and Go or Pedal Assist), impressed us with its speed and range. Moreover,  being a well-reputed manufacturer like Currie Technologies, you can be well assured of a quality stuff.

Whether you are looking for a bicycle just for the recreational purpose, or for commuting to work, picking up this bike doesn’t leave you disappointed. That’s the good news we have for you.