Razor E300 S Seated Electric Scooter Review – Razor’s Awesomeness Continues

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Today we are reviewing Razor e300S electric scooter, another excellent product from Razor. Earlier, we have written detailed reviews of Razor e100 and e200, and we are sure you enjoyed those posts,

The reason we picked up Razor e300 because it has a unique feature when compared to earlier models of Razor – a seat integrated within the scooter. Now you know why there is ‘S’ attached to the model’s name 🙂

Before we even get started with a detailed discussion about this scooter, let’s watch an excellent video and come back to the review. Alright? Here it is below.

How was the above video? We hope you noticed the portion of the video where the scooter caught really good speed while accelerating, wasn’t it terrific?

In-Depth Review of Razor E300 S Seated Electric Scooter

Now, let’s jump into details of Razor e300 S Electric Scooter.

Razor e300 S Seated Electric Scooter inherits the looks of Razor e200, however, adds an important feature to that, a seat.

The body of razor e300 S electric scooter is very sturdy and well built, which offers a great comfort to the rider.Optionally, users can remove the seat by removing the attachment screws connected to the seat assembly which a simple 2-minute task. This flexibility provides two options for enjoying  Razor e300 S electric scooter, users can either ride the scooter by sitting on the seat or by standing on the platform/deck of the scooter.

When it comes to colours, Razor E300S gives you plenty of choices. You can choose from colours such as blue, grey or pink.


Deck is big sized and provides ample space for standing on the scooter or placing foot while seated.


Razor E300 S electric scooter comes with pneumatic tires that ensure a very smooth ride while you are cruising on this vehicle.

Throttle and Breaking

Similar to earlier models from Razor, this one also has got throttle on the handle which is comfortable and convenient. Brakes are also provided in the handle itself.

Razor E300 S Seated Electric Scooter is an excellent choice for teenagers. However, riders with weight up to 220 pounds can safely ride this.


Now, let’s talk about how this vehicle performs.

With an 8 hour charging time, one can ride e300S for about 45 minutes non-stop. You can reach a maximum speed of 15MPH, though you can still go little higher if you are okay with the shaky body 🙂

Again, safety is of utmost importance and make sure you provide your kid with all the required safety accessories (helmet, elbow pad and knee pad) and ensure that he/she rides the vehicle within recommended speed thresholds.

The scooter doesn’t produce heavy noise during cruising which is great.

Below are specifications of E300S

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Quick Specifications

Top Speed(mph)15 mph
Range (miles or minutes)45 minutes
Max Weight Capacity220 lbs
Suitable for Age13 years

See Full Users Reviews, Price and Rating on Amazon


This vehicle would be an excellent choice to surprise your kid with a gift or reward since it sufficiently packs various useful features. A great speed is icing on the cake. Don’t look back, go and get this one!