Segway MiniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter Review

The Segway miniPRO is a two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter, or “PT”. The product name is derived from the word “segue” which means smooth transition. The first Segway transporter was created fifteen years ago by inventor Dean Kamen. In 2015, Segway was acquired by Ninebot Inc, which was a Beijing-based transportation robotics company.

Review of Segway MiniPRO

With their tagline: “Personal Transportation Will Never Be the Same”, this electric scooter boasts many advanced features over other models. We’ll discuss more about other specs and features in this Segway MiniPro review post.

Segway MiniPRO
Image : NineBot Website

This scooter is intended for riders between 16 to 60 years of age with heights from 
3’11” – 6’6″. Children under 3.37 feet and 88 pounds shouldn’t ride the device nor should two people ride a Segway miniPRO at the same time.


The Segway miniPRO is the first personal transporter to become UL 2272 Certified. This certification, set by Global Safety Science Company Underwriters Laboratories, means that a product has been tested and determined to meet strict safety requirements.

This is a significant benefit over hover boards, which have been reported to be the cause of many house fires in recent months.

At 21.5-inch wide x 10.3-inch deep x 20-inch high, the miniPRO was designed to offer stability over a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains. The unit contains precision sensors which automatically react to the rider’s movements and keep the transporter stable at the same time.

Comfort and Control

The Ninebot Segway miniPRO differs from traditional hover boards in many ways. Rather than steering the unit with your feet, as is required by hoverboards, riders must steer the vehicle using their knees.

The unit has a padded knee bar which maximises comfort while also enabling precision control. Riders steer by gently pressing left or right on the knee bar. This allows you to manoeuvre more efficiently than two-wheel hover boards and is extremely ergonomic.

The cushioning is made from PU foam so it is comfortable and won’t make riders tired during long rides. The miniPRO’s knee control bar is also height adjustable from 20 to 34 inches.

The miniPRO was designed to be simple to ride and is advertised that you don’t need hours of practice to master it. To start the Segway, you only need to press the power button once. It appears to be simple to start and easier to mount than other personal transporters.

The miniPRO is quiet, smooth and responsive. Riders can be confident with its ability to weave around obstacles with only subtle body movements and to stop quickly.

The unit integrates with the Ninebot & Segway free mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) which acts as a remote control and allows you to access many features on the transporter.

The Segway miniPRO will prompt you to run an initial product walk-through before riding it. From the app, you can unlock a useful tutorial which includes safety and riding advice and other information. Also, the system limits you to a max speed of 4.3 mph for the first kilometre of ride time.

Using the app, you can view dashboard performance, customise the unit’s lights and more. Perhaps one of the best features is that you can use the app to set an anti-theft alarm, and if someone attempts to move it, it triggers a warning to the owner’s phone.


The miniPRO’s frame is made from a durable magnesium alloy which is often used in the aircraft and aviation industry. It is also coated with a corrosion-resistant material to help avoid rusting.
The unit arrives in two parts.

The wheeled base/platform is shipped separately from the steering bar, which gets attached to the “mainframe.” It easily slides onto a metal neck and then locks into place. The knee control block can then later be detached from the mainframe so that it can be compactly stored.

The Segway miniPRO weighs about 28 pounds. A lift bar slides out of the steering bar to help guide the unit. It may, however, seem a bit heavy when carrying it up and down stairs.


It is available in either white or black. Its dual motor engine delivers 1600 watts of power. The unit has a lithium-ion battery and can go up to 14 miles on a full charge. A complete charge takes about 4 hours.

As far as wheels go, the10.5″ pneumatic tires are rated for many indoor and outdoor terrains from pavement to packed dirt. The pneumatic tires were designed to absorb shocks and to reinforce traction.Also, the refined tread on these tires is supposed to keep riders safe by minimising skidding.

The Segway miniPRO can reach top speeds of 10 mph and can climb slopes with up to a 15-degree angle. This transporter can handle riders up to 220lbs.

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The miniPRO can provide good visibility during day or night. The automatic LED headlights on the transporter are customizable. They can be adjusted up to 5 meters. Riders can also choose from more than 16 million taillight colour variations.


  • Good construction
  • Easy to ride and control
  • Mobile app


  • Heavy and high priced


The Ninebot by Segway miniPRO is priced about $1,300 (at the time of publishing).

Other online gadget resources such as Mashable appear to like the scooter as an alternative to hover boards and say that the Segway “sets the bar for what all self-balancing riders should be.”

This scooter is hands-free, self-balancing and uses cutting-edge technology for its controls. This could be an excellent choice for casual riders and adventure-seekers alike.

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Wrapping Up

Though the scooter comes with the high price, has more comforts comparatively. The adventures can happen quickly with this scooter.