UberScoot 1600 Watts Electric Scooter Review – For Power Hungry Enthusiasts

Without any second thoughts, we can say that electric scooters are a fastest growing craze and manufacturers are going to great lengths to match this “craze”. One of the cravings of eco-friendly scooter enthusiasts is the speed limit of such vehicles.

Usually, the electrically powered scooters can’t be raced beyond a certain speed limit (for example 20 mph ), mainly because of the limitations of power wattage and the design of the scooter itself.

Still, the innovations to improve the speed of such electric scooters have never stopped. Ubserscoot 1600 electric scooter is one of such products which powers itself with a 1600 watts motor and picks up fantastic speeds when you are on the ride!

Today, we are reviewing the same.

Comprehensive Review of Uberscoot 1600 Electric Scooter

Uberscooter is one of the powerful electric scooters that we have today. It’s been brought to the market by a well-known brand Evo Powerboards (now Big Toys).

Design and Build Aspects

Starting off the review with the look and feel of the product. Uberscoot looks stylish and is very robust and sturdy. It’s well built considering the urban way of commuting for short lengths.

It has a foldable frame and multifunctional LCD. It can carry a maximum load of 265 lbs. There are two disc brakes (front and rear). The seat is wide and comfortable.

LED lights are provided for illumination. However, they might not be great during the night, and you will need additional lighting to illuminate the road when you are on the ride.

Power. Speed and Range

This scooter is powered by 1600 watts motor with 48 volts output. Though the company hasn’t specified the top speed, the scooter can reach speeds up to 20-24 mph quickly. It can even catch little higher speed, however, considering the safety aspects, one need to refrain from raising the vehicle to such higher speeds.

But the Uberscoot doesn’t disappoint. Because of its good design and suspension, urban riders can enjoy a quick ride filled with fun and thrill with Uberscoot.

Any Special Features?

Yes, there are quite a few. First, one is the ‘economy mode’ button which helps to conserve the battery life. Second being key ignition.

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Quick Specifications

Top Speed(mph)Between 20-24 mph
Range (miles or minutes)12 miles
Max Weight Capacity265 lbs
Suitable for AgeAdults

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The biggest advantage of Uberscoot is its power aspect which will appeal to many electric scooter enthusiasts for sure. Priced right, it’s way cheaper than Ec-Reco (read our review) and E-Twow (read our review).

Sporting a trendy design, this scooter is perfect for short distance daily travel. It can accommodate a rider up to 265 lbs. This vehicle can be folded easily, making it ideal for carrying around.


There aren’t major problems with this one, but a few minor ones do exist. Scooter lacks some basic accessories such as a horn. Scooter could have had wider tyres since it does catch great speeds.

Wrapping Up

Uberscoot surely impressed us with its look and feel and power aspects. Though it has few shortcomings, for its modest price tag, you can’t go wrong with this.